Design and UX October 7, 2020

What's your approach on designing mobile UX/UI?


I am currently in the process of restructuring my site ( and redesigning it. Somehow I can't get any further and am stuck on how to design the navigation. The main action on my site is the search function and browsing through the results.

I would like a mixture of Pinterest and RallyRd.

I would like to do a PWA and I am mainly interested in the mobile presentation. Once that is done, it is easy to transfer it to the desktop.

I would like to make a tap bar and I can't agree with myself which maximum 5 buttons that should be. So far I would do that:

  • home (I don't know what will be presented there, but somehow you need such a route and every page has one)
  • search
  • notification
  • saved / bookmarks (this is practically the shortcut to your own profile)

I try to find the ideal navigation by writing down what you can/can do on the page as:

  • new user
  • not registered user (but not new)
  • registered user

What is your approach? Does anyone have a suggestion, or how do you do it?
Thank you very much for every hint, link, etc....

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    The key is to narrow down the most important things that your users will be doing and then designing the UX to optimize that.

    It looks like search is key for you, so why let the design be focused around that? When I went to the link you provided, I don't even have the option to search unless I sign in. Why not allow people to search anonymously?

    If driving people to sign up is more important for the landing page, then maybe you need to focus more on creating content to explain what your site/app does? The copy you have tells me that your product helps me to search through Spotify genres, but I still don't really understand what your product does. And the only way to find out more info is to click on a very hidden "About" link at the bottom of the page.

    I'd recommend taking a step back and figuring out what your goal is.

    • If it's to get people using your app then let them use the app. Check out this site
    • If it's to get signups then you probably need a landing page where you explain your product and what the benefits of using it are.

    Hope that helps!

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    Why not allow people to search anonymously?

    Yes, this will be possible once the relaunch is done. At the moment I'm stuck with the question on how to decide which buttons to choose for the tab bar / bottom navigation. And I definitely want to have the possibility to sort and filter the given results afterwards. I hate it when you get a ton of results after a search query. And I also hate pagination (what's the point in having 300+ pages as you can see on some pages? Nobody will pass page #5. But a true value might be found on page #70 so this has to be done better and this starts with the search ux and 'result presentation ux').

    I think people decide on pagination because they are too lazy to think about their information architecture.

    I admit, it's really difficult but I'm sure it's worth the pain. Thanks for your reply, it helps indeed.

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