What's your best distribution channel?

Hey, Indie Hackers.

I really want to find the single best distribution channel for my current product Getlanding.io.

And it would be great if you could share your best distribution channel.

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    The main questions I ask myself:

    1. Who is my target audience?
    2. Where do they hang out?

    In my case, I'm targeting [1] managers of remote teams and they tend to hang out [2] on LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Currently doing organic posting & commenting to get prioritized by the feed algos. I usually try to route the impressions/views onto my landing page to pipe them into my marketing/sales funnel.

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for sharing it, man!

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    SEO. If you do it well it can change the game with surprisingly little money invested (apart from time) then the flywheel starts to kick in.

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      Hey, Daniel. Thanks a lot. Any tips about SEO?

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    On the same boat here. Trying to find the channel that works for the MVP. Good luck!

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