Coronavirus March 25, 2020

What's your coronavirus plan?

Simon Hakim @nomis_mikah

As CEO & Co-Founder of Hunter I've written my Coronavirus plan that covers:

  1. Our team - Is everyone safe? Have regular checkins and help out if needed.
  2. Our clients - Is everyone safe? Checkin and help out if needed. Who's continuing to spend with us and who's putting things on hold?
  3. What's our current financial position and how much runway do we have. What's the worst case and best case scenarios for 2, 3, 6 months? Cut any unnecessary costs and if possible renegotiate subscriptions. I.e. If you say you're cancelling a subscription, most places will offer an incentive for you to stay.
  4. Government, bank and accountant - what financial assistance will we get from our Government? Put all loans and credit on hold for at least 3 months (Australian banks offer this opportunity). Put money against the loans but don't spend it. Check in with our accountant to see if we've missed anything. Also as the financial year ends 30 June... is there anything we have to do now to take advantage of any tax or Government incentives.
  5. My community - Is everyone safe? Checkin and help out if needed.
  6. Read, watch & learn - If I'm saving time in the day from my commute, coffee runs, meetings, time wasting, etc. Then, don't waste it doing stuff that doesn't matter. Focus on what will help the business and our clients' business. It's also a great opportunity to learn new stuff through online learning, etc.
  7. Pipeline - Brand building, content creation & lead generation. We have runway for the next 2-3 months and some money set aside. Where will leads come from? Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Follow my sales process. What category segment, what's the size of company, focus on challenger brands, where's their location, is the company/brand we'd want to work with, are they entrepreneurial minded? Do they have money to spend?

Ok. That's my list made public. It might help or it might start some conversations at minimum. But stay safe and keep positive.

  1. 2

    I don't have one 😂

    I barely have a sales process in place so far.

    Go figure a pandemic plan...

    Jokes aside, it's hard for a startup to deal with this type of scenario.

    I think it's mainly because of lack of resources and also lack of business itself.

    One thing that's been positive is that I've had more time to test things out.

    Software is getting cheaper. Courses are being released for free.

    That gives me a lot of ways to learn and progress.

    So my plan is to not have a plan I guess 🤪

    1. 1

      What a great opportunity to learn. Yes courses are being released for free. Also make sure you make the most of YouTube. I love Steve Blank so check him out. He talks about lean startup.

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