Design and UX September 26, 2020

What's Your Favourite Free Design Tools and Resources?

Jaideep Bishnoi @jaideep

I recently wrote a post compiling 241+ Facebook ad examples and it got a pretty good response. Since then I am focusing my energy on writing listicle articles.

This time I am curating a list of the best design tools and resources. I already have around 40 free tools but I need more suggestions.

Share your favorites in any of the following categories:

  1. Image Resources(stock & illustrations)
  2. Icons
  3. Color Palette Generator
  4. Stock Videos
  5. Free Video Editors
  6. Image Editing Tools
  7. Free Mockup Tools
  8. Design Inspiration Website
  9. Courses and Learning Resources

Try to avoid more famous websites like unDraw, Unsplash, Freepik, or Dribble because chances are I have already added them. I am looking for some 'hidden gems'.

Thank You

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    Hey Jaideep, here are a few good ones I personally like to refer:

    Free Mockup Tools:

    • Artboard Studio: It's a freemium online mockup maker tool. The free tier is really good and should suffice for most mockup needs.
    • LS Graphics: They have some really good free photoshop mockups.


    Design Inspiration:
    For Landing Pages

    For Apps:

    For Emails:



    • Font Awesome: One of the most popular icon font on the internet. I won't be surprised if you're already familiar with it.
    • SMPLKit: Okay, this one's mine, so take this recommendation with a grain of salt. It's completely free and open source.


    Color Palette Generators

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      This is very helpful. Thank you!

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    Hey Jaideep,

    I am building my own list of resources. Currently it is more focused on beginners but section with the lists of resources might interest you.

    Also, I have another private list but it is a mess. I bet there are some 'hidden gems' ;). I will look into it. When I find something I will write it here. Now some examples. You might know some of it.

    Image resources

    And for searching stock photos I recommend You can search through 50 stock photo agencies, both free and paid at the same time. Sometimes the same image is on more sites. It makes searching for photos so much easier!

    Courses and learning resources

    HackDesign is an email course. Something like 50 lessons are available for free. Each lesson has a topic. It consists of introduction and a few links to articles and tools.

    Batux is a comics which explains UX design process.

    Design inspiration website

    ReallyGoodUX has many examples of good UX from different real sites. Each example contains screenshots and commentary. has interesting case studies in the form of comics. Each case study analyze some product, explains why it works and what could be improved. Also, there is a section about psychology.

    Hope it helps! I'm looking forward to your listicle article.

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      These look great. I'll add them to the list :)

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    Figma, framer coolors.

    And I made this one,is free.

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    Hey Jaideep,

    Here is one more: Scale.

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      These look really great. I have added them to my list and I'll be using them myself.

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