What's your favourite IH episode?

Hey everyone,

I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys listening to the IH podcast.

My favorite episode so far has to be the cookie one! 🍪 I think it's probably because it emphasizes how big the indie hackers space is. The community is by default, quite techy so we often seem to gravitate towards making a product for others like us. Listening to Sam talk about his family-run business helped open my eyes more ... and who doesn't like cookies?!

What's yours?

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    Definitely the Jordan O'Connor one - love how he talks about how he spent 3 years in learning mode making no money and then figured out "the thing" and killed it.

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      Maybe I’ll wait and listen to this for some Monday motivation ha!

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    Arvid Kahl and FeedbackPanda is my favorite.

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    Mine is Building the House You Want to Live in with Steli Efti of Close : https://open.spotify.com/episode/2n9OjCD9SAALT8riZogbjF

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      This different point of view sounds like a good listen! Thanks :)

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    The best performing episodes from 2020:

    • #187 with Jordan O'Connor of Closet Tools, one-person SaaS making lots of money, and Jordan's perspective on doing business to help others is fresh
    • #179 with Traf, great story and conversation about how to make your own luck
    • #178 with Rob Walling, wide-ranging tactical conversation with lots of solid insights on how to build a successful business
    • #177 with Daniel Vassallo, inspiring guy, has built a cult following, relatable approach toward not wanting to just do one thing at a time
    • #173 with Dru Riley of Trends, has built a loyal following through earnestness and persistence, grew his newsletter revenue at an astronomical rate
    • #170 with Vincent Woo, he's always entertaining and likes to push back and argue with me, so his episodes are guaranteed to be great
    • #167 with DHH and Natalie Nagele, excellent debate on work-life balance, and who doesn't love a good debate
    • #166 with Sam Eaton, a programmer's programmer, except he's building a cookie business, and making bank doing it
    • #161 with Sam Parr, another entertaining guy like Vincent, crazy revenue numbers and insights into the newsletter business
    • #154 with Rob Fitzpatrick, solid insights about how to learn from customers
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      @csallen will we see more office hours in 2021? Thanks for the list btw - I have some listening to do ...

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        Doubtful on office hours, unless I can find a more scalable way to do them

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    I have to agree, the cookie one was so different and eye-opening.

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    I really enjoyed Vincent Woo's and Sam Parr's most recent episodes. I liked that Vincent has had enough time to reflect and synthesize the whole experience of building and selling a business. And Sam was opinionated and direct in a way that I personally found fun.

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      added both to my list!

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