What's your favourite playlist for late night work? 🎧

I personally find that I'm at my most productive from about 7pm or 8pm in the evening. It's often when I do creative work and I love doing design tasks like concept feature mockups or adding new pages to the OpinionX website at night.

It's pretty essential that I 'plug in' with a good techno playlist (acid, trance, progressive house, deep house, etc.) that has very little lyrics and a nice high tempo. With the right playlist, I can usually knock out 6-8 hours of solid work with minimal breaks or distractions.

Any recommendations for good playlists? I made a Spotify playlist with over 28 hours of great focus techno but I love dipping into new playlists to change things up. Let's swap some recommendations! 🎧

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      Bookmarked, how did I not know about this! It's like brain.fm but the music's actually fun to listen to!

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      Lol this is ideal, thanks @petrnagy

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    I'm a big fan of not having lyrics in music while working - I find it very distracting. I pretty much listen to the same sort of music (have recently rediscovered Gatecrasher 2000), so will check out the playlist - thanks!

    That said, I've become a massive fan of Oh The Larceny - I feel like everything they write is perfectly aimed at being motivation for us Indie Hackers.

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      I hadn't heard of Gatecrasher 2000 but it's peeeeerfect, thanks for sharing it. Always nice to find something with a mix of familiar and new tunes like that :)

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    @danielkyne I listened to your techno playlist all day yesterday, it's really great! My go-to has been Techno bunker by Spotify when the techno mood hits, but swapping it out for yours now :)

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      I love Techno Bunker by Spotify too :) I've definitely stolen loads of tracks from it for my own playlist!

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    @madebyporter's stuff on Spotify is a joy to work to (he was my #1 listened-to artist on Spotify in 2020 for this reason) - here's his Spotify page. Looking at the genres you've mentioned, you might dig it.

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    Tobias van Schneider has a bunch of mixtapes (Spotify playlists) made with creative work in mind, and they are awesome! Found here.

    My personal favorite is his most played list from 2016.

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      Awesome :) Will check this out tonight!

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    lo-fi hip hop stays undefeated for any activity

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      Lo-fi just isn't high enough energy for me at like 60-100 BPM. I feel like I need 120+ BPM if I'm going to be able to power through to early hours.

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    Lately, I've been listening to Reason the rapper (TDE signed him), J.Cole dropped his new album, some Kendrick oldies (mixtape days) and a little Drake here and there. I try focusing with reggae but that failed. I can't resist singing those songs.

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      I have never heard of this. Going to check it out, thank you 🙏

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    Everything Lana Del Rey.

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      Hahahaha love the stan mentality @dagorenouf

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    lo fi beats, 10 summer you won't forget on spotify.

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    I'm more of a morning person myself. But I love listening to rainymood.com to get myself in the zone.

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    Just a big fan of these two little playlists on Apple Music ->

    1. El Focus Compilation
    2. Neon Lights
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