What's your health stack?

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I'm just back from doing my 5k steps. 💪

With a new lockdown here in England and a personal focus of mine trying to not get too depressed about it all I'm doing my best to focus in on doing better in 2021.

These are things I'm trying to do in 2021:

  • minimum 5k steps a day
  • 5x5 strength training workout 3 times a week
  • intermittent fasting, mostly not eating until 1pm
  • daily reading
  • sneaking in small bits of squats, pushups and Crossrope
  • no chocolate or wine 😭
  • bed by midnight
  • I want to find time to get my running back in too

How about you?

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    My stack is:

    • Nutrition (a mix of vegetables, whole carbs and healthy proteins - all organic)
    • Sleep (I go to bed really late - something I need to fix - but I also wake up late so I never sleep less than 7-8 hours)
    • Exercise (I play tennis once a week and since gyms are closed I recently signed up to Alo and I really like it)

    Why no chocolate? If you eat dark chocolate (85%) it’s actually a pretty healthy food, since it has very little sugar. Just don’t eat as much as I do and you’ll be fine 😂

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      Also for women, after a specific age, drinking a glass of red wine every few days actually helps.

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      Dark chocolate will just make me want not so dark chocolate. I find it easier just to cut it out.

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    Intermittent fasting daily, run 20 miles a week, no candy, eating out at a minimum, no fast food

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    Since covid in March and gym clousures I've let myself go a tad. I'm focusing on my health again.

    Avatar Nutrition - calculates and tracks macronutrients each week depending on your goal.

    Resistance band workouts (I miss weights) ACHV on youtube has resistance based workouts.

    Vitamins - D3 5k UI, Multi, fish oil, probiotics.

    Try to sleep 8 hours.

    I would like to incorporate yoga. I keep seeing yoga with adrianne. Does she has any that help posture?

    I don't meditate but probably should give it a try. Any suggestions?

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      I can recommend guided meditations by Eckhart Tolle, and Mooji.

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      All yoga will help your posture - but she has specific videos for pretty much anything you could want to work on!

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        Thank you, I'll give it a go. Wish me luck 😃

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      For yoga, I'd strongly recommend Tim Senesi. He has a YouTube channel as well as these (free) 30-day challenges you can sign up for, which are basically daily emails. He's Iyengar-trained, which is all about perfect form... but is sort of a chill temperament surfer-style dude. Super solid. https://timsenesiyoga.com/

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        Looks cool, thanks for sharing. I'll give it a go.

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    • 8+ hours of sleep
    • Stretching every morning
    • Weighing myself every morning
    • 3-4 times table tennis per week. Now with the lockdown I play in VR almost daily, 2-3 hours and sweat a lot (Eleven Table Tennis mostly).
    • Trying to avoid burn-out, focusing on a few things at once
    • Try to eat in reasonable amounts and vary what I eat
    • Disabled all phone notifications sounds
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    Proper diet
    Workout daily less 1 day for rest, 1500 daily active calories on the apple watch
    Walk for 10 minutes every 40 minutes. Get up from the chair and rest my eyes for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.
    Stopped smoking
    Sleep by midnight

    Can’t get myself into reading again though. I really need it before bed cuz sometimes I wake up thinking about code and it’s such a disturbing feeling.

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    • Gym 5x week (currently training at home due to lockdown in Ireland)
    • Bed by 10pm
    • Keep track of my calories through MyFitnessPal
    • Creatine, multivitamin, vitamin C, and vitamin D daily

    Struggling quite a bit with mental health right now. My depression usually flares up at this time of the year (due to lack of sunlight and being away from family), but this year is particularly difficult.

    Trying to incorporate some walks at noon to get a bit of sun, it seems to help a bit.

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      If you can, check your vitamin D. I was feeling similarly for a bit and had mine checked as part of my annual exam. Discovered I was crazy low. Now on a 1x/week regimen of a high prescription dose and feeling a bit, well... sunnier. Could be placebo... but still nice.

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        Yeah I should prolly get a blood test. But I do take Vitamin D daily (5,000 IU).

        Thanks for the advice! I'll try to schedule some time with a GP :D

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    Nutrition all the way. Here is my typical diet:

    Breakfast: A serving of Huel, non-fat, 0g added sugar Greek Yogurt, and a banana.

    Lunch: dumplings, spinach, and sliced fruit

    Dinner: whole grain pasta with lean turkey. Usually with a heap of veggies to eat with it.

    Between all that I snack on fruits

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    Stop smoking 😢🤞. Any advice

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      Get away from people who smoke/smoke friendly environments. It’s the only thing that worked for me. Good luck.

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    Love this post! People always think that in order to take care of yourself physically you always have to be hitting the gym. That's not the case - working out on your time and your schedule is the best way to ease into it.

    For me:

    • Home workouts every morning and night
    • Gym 3x Week
    • Quitting Soda :( not good for me anyways lol
    • Goal Setting. (Mine are to reach 50 consecutive pushups and 50 consecutive pullups).
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    Had to close my earlier startup due to health issues, So health has been my primary focus for a while now and my health stack is -

    Physical Health
    • Regular, Appropriate Exercise.
    • Regular light food, With high nutritional value.
    • Regular, good sleep.

    Mental health
    • Phone usage is on demand i.e. DND/24*7.
    • Thoughtful communication : No real-time communication i.e. No calls, No chats, Only email.
    • Restricted content consumption.

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    My stack is:

    • Nutrition (Primarily plant-based with protein occasionally, all organic / grass-fed)
    • Sleep (Minimum of 8 hours and biggest priority each day)
    • Exercise (Run 4x a week training for a marathon & 5/3/1 weight lifting 2x a week)
    • Read for 30 minutes minimum each day
    • Write 500 words each day (journaling / planning as well)
    • 1 minute cold shower starts to then hot shower


    • Apple Watch (Runs, Heart Rate, and now sleep)
    • iPhone (Tracking exercise via Notion)
    • Weights, Dumbbells & Squat Rack
    • JYM Stack
    • Magnesium
    • Epson Salt Baths (After long runs)
    • Theragun (Percussive Therapy)
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      Big fan of Jym supplements.

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    This is such a cool post Rosie. Haven't thought about it like this before.

    • Getting out for a walk (ideally with a dog companion) as many days as I can, ESPECIALLY when I'm too busy to do it.
    • Outdoor anything (walking, hiking, horse riding, swimming if you're really feeling brave...)
    • YouTube! I love Yoga with Adrienne.
    • I see a trainer once a week, which doesn't sound like a lot - BUT this acts as a catalyst for the rest of my health. When I'm seeing her I eat better, do my 'homework' in between sessions and find it easier to stick to goals.
    • I like setting goals that cover a range of things (strength, cardio, flexibility) instead of rules (I don't like being told what to do...even by myself...). This year I've gone for knocking 4mins off my 5k time, doing the 3 peaks challenge, getting into the splits, a 2m30 plank, and doing a handstand.
    • I keep a journal which I try to write in every day. I got into a bad habit of writing more on the 'hard days' than on the 'good days' which I'm trying to change to practice being more grateful and remembering/appreciating the good.

    **Tool wise: **

    • Fabric resistance bands (the looped ones). It's worth getting the fabric ones, the plastic-y ones just roll up and are annoying!
    • Long resistance bands with handles
    • Boxing gloves (I have Adidas ones because they're good for small hands) and wraps
    • Garmin 245
    • Cork yoga mat (mine is from Sustain)
    • yoga strap and blocks
    • A massage gun
    • Acupressure mat
    • SO many bath salts!
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      My girlfriend and I also do yoga with Adrienne :D
      I haven't had a backpain since I started doing her lower back routine ^^

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    I have daily reminders set on my phone. Helps my physical and mental state to check off boxes. When I check off all 5 reminders I consider it a "5 Star Day".

    1. Wim Hof Breathing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tybOi4hjZFQ)
    2. Exercise (T25, Insanity Max, Play Tennis, Go for a walk, etc.)
    3. Morning Pages (https://www.chriswinfield.com/morning-pages/)
    4. Read a book for 5 minutes
    5. Take a cold shower

    I've been trying to go zero waste and not buy anything wrapped in plastic. Surprisingly it's a simple way to eat healthy. Most junk food is wrapped in plastic. Better for you and the planet.

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    My stack changes depending on how demanding the dayjob is, how injured I am, the availability of open gyms, etc. But there have been two cornerstones:

    1. speadsheets. I use a Google Sheet that measures the volume of my work on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis that keeps me accountable to improvement (or at worst - maintenance). This is the template I was sharing around a couple years ago: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B5YamtWeCyi1iMtgpdJynkhK5OzGvTMFzgwJp67dkDE/edit?usp=sharing

    2. my vitamix. I may actually marry it. One sweet + one savory smoothie every day helps me hit calorie / nutrient goals at a low time-cost.

    bed by midnight

    Got any tips on improving sleep quality? I've been getting ~5 hours a night max because I live in a city with noisy streets :(. I've tried so many things - ear plugs, melatonin, white noise, etc. I'm about to try "relocation" 😂

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      From my own experience, relocation definitely helps. 😁

    2. 2

      I have read about sound-insulating blinds, but haven't pulled the trigger yet, and don't know how much insulation they really provide. If changing your windows is a possibility you could get double or triple laminated windows, but that's 💸💸💸.

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      Maintaining that spreadsheet must be a pain. Try this app https://www.strong.app/

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    Rumours are that we're going to have a lockdown, (although probably not as restrictive as in the UK), announced tomorrow for Montreal, but I don't think it'll change my health routine much, (gyms are already closed).

    • Cycling >= 3 times a week, (I got studded tires this year. We'll see if this keeps going if we get really cold temperatures).
    • go to bed when my wife does, so I don't end up staying up half the night.
    • wake up at a consistent time.
    • some pushups & abs daily.

    I've been toying with the idea of getting a jump rope so to bring outside when the kids are playing in the alley, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

    1. 1

      I got Crossropes a few months back to do outside with the kids too. I stopped using them in the winter weather. :(

      1. 2

        Winter may actually make it more likely that I would use them. I spent half an hour standing in the alley yesterday while my kid slid down a snow pile. He didn't really need help, but it's just far enough from the house that I needed to be there. If I'd had a rope I would have burned a few calories.

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    We all are so similar. I mean, all the people have almost the same wishes and goals they want to achieve. And it is really great that we started to pay more attention to our physical and mental health and the level of self-education. There are some companies that help people to stay healthy and get more opportunities to live a normal life. You can read more about it.

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    • Morning meditation.
    • Daily reading (in the morning)
    • At least 30 minutes exercise, even if it's just a walk.
    • No sugar/fast food on weekdays.
    • No booze. (Dry Jan, feels good!)
    • Multi vitamins on the daily.
    • Stay hydrated b*tches! 🚰
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    My Stack is:

    • Intermittent Fasting
    • (Mostly) Keto/Low Carb
    • Sleep: I use an Oura ring to get my sleep data and use my own app (Hypnos) to visualize my sleep data, habits and mood
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    My health stack:

    • Sleeping: min 8 hours
    • Eating: when I'm hungry, less sugar, more protein, home cooked (love dark chocolate = endorphins are good!)
    • Drinking: min 1,5l of tap water (no mineral water).
    • Vitamins and minerals: D, C, Zinc for better immunity, B-complex for better thinking and digestion, magnesium for stress relief
    • Daily walking: min 7000-8000 steps = 1 hour or 6-7km no matter what the weather is.
    • Stretching: since I'm sitting the whole day, my cervical spine and lower back are under pressure. It's also a good feeling when you "break" your neck. It is also good for relieving stress and restoring blood flow to the brain, improving thinking.
    • Keeping my place clean - so I don't need to think about the mess :D
    • Focusing on one task at a time until it's done.
    • Turned of notifications - I don't have any social media app installed on my phone. I'm active mostly on Twitter and only after working hours.
    • Relax - playing games, watching TV movies/series, talking, taking care of the aquarium.
    • No news - I stopped to listen/watch the news on radio/TV. It's terrible how they are brainwashing us.
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    Wow with the IF - every time I try to do it, I find it earlier to start and to stop eating earlier haha.

    I will probably make an effort to:

    • Read more
    • Run more
    • Continue walking and biking as much as I can (huge fan of monitoring my average steps / day)

    Think I need to attach some #s or goals to this. For myself, I find it easier to make incremental goals than to cut something out completely.

    I bought a spin bike and pay for the Peloton subscription (it's surprisingly only ~$15/mo) and comes with live classes and a library of spin in addition to meditation, yoga, and running.

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    • Workout - I follow a workout program online. It’s circuit training with a mixture of weight training and cardio. Trying to do it 5 days a week, an hour a day. All this can be done at home.

      • Nutrition - a little bit messy at the moment but trying to reduce sugar intake. I’ll still eat dark chocolate though :). Drink lots of water, aiming for 2 litres a day at least.
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    • Pushups daily
    • Run 3 times a week
    • Gym 3 times a week
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    At-home Crossfit workouts

    Making sure I get 8 hours of sleep every day. I normally go to bed at 8pm, and wake up at 4am. However, with the new lockdown in place, I go to bed a little later and wake up a little later too. Always making sure I get my 8 hours.

    Just started to meditate using Headspace, and I'm hoping I can keep up with the habit because I'm already feeling a lot more positive and have more energy.

    Healthy eating - I eat a vegan diet, and try to stay away from treats.

    Coffee twice a day. I know people say coffee is bad but there is research that it can actually be good for you, and I've read the recommended amount is 4 cups a day. I'm assuming that's a small cup which coffee machines usually measure by so I have two mugs a day which is equivalent to a 4 cup measure.

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    • Frontend: Movement, every day. Try at least 30mins of something: yoga, kettlebell, run, bodyweight workout. Can be as gentle or intense as you like. Daily walk. Usually for my lunch break, I go on a 20min walk.
    • Backend: Sleep. I'm trying to be in bed by 10 and asleep by 11. Also no desktop screens after 9 and no screens at all after 9:30pm.
    • To handle Asynchronous data: Taking moments to pause. There are lots of mindfulness exercises you can do to try to be more present and grounded in the moment, reducing anxiety.
    • Fuel for the server: Food. Lots of it, but mostly well balanced and healthy!
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    This is a cool idea!

    Here is my health stack after my weight exploded during lockdown from 85 Kg (187 lbs) to 95 Kg (209 lbs) from March to August.

    From August until now I got it to 81 Kg (178 lbs) and it keeps going down.

    Here's what I used and what I use since a couple of months now:

    • Intermintent fasting
    • Eat at the same hours (first meal at 11:30-12:30, dinner at 17:30-18:30)
    • No eating outside of the window 11:30 - 20:00
    • Sugar is only allowed on dinner on non-keto days
    • First meal of the day is keto
    • Thursday and Friday are full keto days (both meals are keto)
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 100 pushups/day (usually 25 reps but spread along the day, if I have more energy, I do some other exercises as well)
    • 5k steps/day
    • I have a supplement plan now (natural supplements, mostly around fish oil, spirulina, curcumin)

    For sleep, I fixed this a long time ago so I have no problems.

    • Sleep hour target is midnight (I rarely get past it).
    • No water drinking after 10:30 PM (so I don't need to wake up for toilet)
    • Waking hour is 7:59 AM.
  26. 1
    • Meditation
    • Workout sessions of 10 minutes every 2 hours
    • Drink enough water

    ** Trying to accomplish **

    • Bed by midnight
    • Decrease caffeine intake
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