What's your next big move?

Hi there! At what stage are you today? What is your next step? I'm curious to know about your journey.

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    We spent two years building the product, talking to customers, and refining our business model. We have three launches, including our MVP, planned in quick succession this year. We're going to be very busy through July, then slow down a bit on new feature development, and focus on growth while we pay off tech debt and R&D our next big features.

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    Hey! Our next step at Ginevar is polish up our mvp and push it to HN, here at IH and Product Hunt. In the meantime we are onboarding existant beta testers and gathering feedback :)

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    Hi! I just launch a stable version for my chrome extension: Pau, my next move is having third party integrations, like Todoist, Google Calendar, whatever API can make the user more productive 🙆🏻‍♀️

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    I feel like I only just started at Lifelog! Just been over a month, got a handful of regular users who are committed to the habit of daily writing about their goals . Next steps is all about development to a stable v1.0. Will probably need help with monetization and marketing then!

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    Taking a manual process I use to market one of my projects, and productizing it for other indie hackers, because others should be able to find free warm leads for their projects as well.

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