What's your preferred animation library?

Mine is Framer Motion.

Because of how easy you declare animations and "inject" the motion into syntax.

<motion.tag variants={variants}>...</motion.tag>



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    So far I have managed to avoid React animations altogether by using CSS animations instead, and that's my plan until I run across a problem that can't be solved with CSS.

    1. 1

      I was a fan of css animations before but unfortunately it's not easy to orchestrate or stagger animations. Sure you can do some workarounds with events (eg onAnimationComplete apply another animation to some element) but still..

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    I currently use React Spring. Their animations are awesome, but their API definitely leaves something to be desired. I would love to try Framer Motion at some point.

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    I really like React Spring, but have been meaning to give Framer Motion a try.

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