What's your project?

  1. What problem are you trying to solve with your product?
  2. What's your initial tech stacks?
  3. How you promote you product and build an audience?

Share your answer below!
For me:

  1. A time-tracking app to help people find work-life balance.
  2. Android Studio and Firebase.
  3. I looked for beta users on Indiehackers & Betafamily.

However, I found it difficult for my app to differentiate from other existing products. So I've paused working on this project and started a new one.

Currently, I'm working on Start of Startup
If you're interested in sharing your story on it, please let me know!

  1. 11
    1. A software that removes your personal information from the internet
    2. Ruby on Rails
    3. Mainly content marketing

    Take a look!

    1. 3

      Love the idea of protecting personal info via your services!
      Do you use Ruby on Rails for sending opt-out mails automatically?

      1. 2

        Thanks!! The automated opt-out process is our secret sauce, but the user-facing application is in Rails 😀

    2. 1

      that sounds like a very useful software. How thorough is it though? and does it scour the darkweb too?

  2. 4

    Currently, I'm working on Start of Startup
    I'm trying to summarize some basic knowledge about building a great product.
    From idea validation, coding, designing, to marketing...
    I'm also doing some case studies.
    If anyone is interested in sharing the story of your project, I'm happy to write about it and help you promote your project!

  3. 3
    1. Helping startup founders make their product standout with a designer-quality branding, for $99 in 5 minutes – Here it the product logology
    2. ReactJs, AWS Amplify, Rails
    3. I write fun memes on my twitter
  4. 3
    1. A dev tool that helps people build React apps 10x faster
    2. Powered by Next.js, Firebase, and Vercel
    3. Got early traction from twitter and my site usehooks.com (recently acquired). Now mostly from Google and word of mouth.
    1. 2

      Divjoy is amazing!
      Setting up various frameworks is really time-consuming.
      Thanks for making such a tool!

      1. 1

        Thanks, glad you like it 😀

  5. 3
    1. A tool that collects people's problems from Reddit(for now). So, it helps me(and others) finding potential pains to solve.
    2. Node.JS/Typescript/MongoDB.
    3. Mostly on Reddit(I compile the issues in the newsletter and show the posts). I also share the journey on Twitter and here.
    1. 2

      I've seen your tools via comment in other post previously!
      Looks really helpful to find real problems that people are asking for.
      Just subscribed your newsletter!
      Will love to hear more about your journey.

      1. 1

        Thanks for taking a look!

  6. 2

    1.) https://pandapixel.co creates beautiful high converting web experiences for small businesses. Completely done for you and with unlimited support for site updates.

    Drag and drop web builders are tricky to use. Unless you are a designer it is hard to make a world-class beautiful website. Updating your site with new information can be difficult and time-consuming. If you choose to hire a web design agency, this can be very costly. They will charge you every time you want to make a small change.

    2.) Wordpress

    3.) Cold email prospecting, referrals, Facebook ads, Google Ads

  7. 2

    I am building Spotter - a crm focused on privacy and building long term relationships.

    1. Lack of actual human connection with prospects
    2. Next / GraphQL / MongoDB - deployed on Netlify + Functions
    3. Have not done any product promotion or audience building yet.

    Im solving a personal itch here first, in that most CRM tools are too overkill for what I as a single founder need. Like all early stage products, it also has a few kinks that I am working out - but I plan to launch before I am fully ready. If its ready, I have waited too long 😅

    1. 2

      A Privacy Tool? Awesome! I don't see any 'contact us' section though, Would love to work with you sometime.

      1. 1

        Yea the landing page is pretty light - I'll add a contact us page this week!

        1. 2

          hey man, I'm doing a twitch stream for privacy tools, can I feature yours?

          1. 1

            @davidskg Absolutely! Can I coordinate this with you in a week so I can get that contact page added? 😁

            1. 1

              No worries, take your time. I'm hyped up about this, I think so is wilson :D

    2. 1

      I tried to sign up, and I couldn't. Let me know when you launch.

      1. 1

        @wilsonbright 🙈 code error - prevented anyone from putting anything in the input field. Fixed! 🙏🏼 thanks for the find.

      2. 1

        @wilsonbright 😅 I'll look into that. Probably need better error handling. Thanks for letting me know!

  8. 2
    1. Managed S3 that allows you to easily share file uploads or downloads and embed within your app. https://prodtype.com/managed-s3
    2. Next.js, Node.js, AWS
    3. Twitter, Indiehackers, microconf and LinkedIn
  9. 2

    Problem: It's surprisingly hard for new customers to contact small businesses and solopreneurs.

    Solution: Let customers video call you from your website to the App in your pocket. Or send a text message, or schedule a meeting. Product is at www.ContactLink.com

    Tech Stack: Lots of Twilio, some .NET and Azure.

    Promote: Have been using outbound call/mail to local businesses in my city and state. That has gotten more traction than promoting online, at least at first.

  10. 2
    1. Building a toolkit for Digital Marketers and Keyword Research.
    2. NextJS, Serverless, AWS Sagemaker for machine learning models.
    3. Explored the interest by talking to the target customers.

    Link: https://ideapeach.tools

  11. 2
    1. Crowdfunding platform where startups / Indie Hackers (aka people like you and me) can raise funds for their venture by selling exclusive rewards or a portion of their future profits to investors

    2. React app built using Typescript and a node.is backend

    3. Places like indie hackers / other startup communities

    If you want to launch your own fundraiser, either reach out or get set up at www.useseedling.com

    Would love to see some of y’all on there!

  12. 2
    1. A note-taking tool for networked thinking that's easy to use, privacy-friendly, and open source
    2. Next.js + React, Tailwind, Supabase, and Vercel
    3. Reddit, Twitter, IH, Google
    1. 1

      Hello! A Privacy-focused CRM looks awesome! I never thought something like this would work. Would love to have a chat with you sometime!

    2. 1

      Like the network graph!
      What's your strategy to compete with Notion?

      1. 1


        In a nutshell, Notabase has a different purpose than Notion.

        Notion has built a product that excels as an "all-in-one workspace" -- something you can use to build apps and websites, manage your projects, and collaborate with other people.

        However, Notabase is focused on empowering your personal thinking. It wants to be the space for your deep thinking + writing by helping you form new ideas and connect your knowledge together. Every feature in Notabase is focused on this goal: bidirectional note links, graph view, page stacking, etc.

        I actually think there's room for people to use both Notion and Notabase, so we're not strictly direct competitors.

  13. 2
    1. We want to help people avoid impulse shopping. We made a chrome extension that makes you wait 30 seconds before you can browse e-commerce websites.
    2. VSCode and JS/HTML/CSS.
    3. Sending DMs to potential users on Social Media (twitter, reddit, ect.)
    1. 1

      Wow that's a cool extension!
      What will be the monetization strategy of it?

      1. 1

        We are planning to go with the affiliate marketing path. We'll see how it goes. Here is our MVP.

        1. 1

          Do you believe that this usage of affiliate links is compliant with affiliate programs?

          1. 1

            It depends on how we are planning to show the link, it's not there yet. We are still figuring what will be the best user experience.

  14. 2
    1. What problem are you trying to solve with your product?
      => Help marketers and curious people get better with marketing.!

    2. What are your initial tech stacks?
      => Google Docs.

    3. How do you promote your product and build an audience?
      => Talking to potential customers.

    Here's the link to The Psych Handbook

    1. 1

      Where do you find your potential customers? Through your newsletter?

      1. 1

        Some of them are from the newsletter, some came through twitter.

  15. 2
    1. Help artists better express themselves through the most advanced NFT protocol and Discord-like NFT marketplace (we have hubs around similar NFT topics to give people the sense of community).
    2. TypeScript, React (Nextjs), PostgreSQL, Ethereum.
    3. Twitter, Discord, custom NFT collections.
    1. 1

      Wow, haven't dive into NFT yet personally.
      Is there any link to get a glimpse of your NFT marketplace?

      1. 1

        NFT has great future I believe. I have deployment scheduled next week. I will let you know when it's ready :) You can also follow me on Twitter, I'm going to write a lot about NFT anyway.

  16. 2
    1. I like Twitch and like TikTok and esports, but TikTok doesn't let me watch what I'm really interested in
    2. HTML / JS / CSS
    3. I start to write this and soon create a video on youtube (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/swipetwitch-first-appearance-in-the-world-fbb074176a)
    1. 1

      Looks cool!
      Using Twitch API to embed it and view it easily via TikTok-like swiping?
      Is there any charge from the Twitch API if your users grow?
      What's the video you create on YouTube?

      1. 1

        No there is no fee for using the API.
        I want to create a video for YouTube in which I will tell you how I came to this idea and tell you an easy roadmap.

  17. 2
    1. A SaaS for monitoring server health: https://serverpigeon.staticmaker.com/
    2. Laravel
    3. Currently mainly via content marketing
    1. 1

      Not seeing a blog or forum in the website.
      Are you doing content marketing elsewhere?

      1. 1

        By content marketing, I mean engineering as marketing. I am making a list of free tools on the main site in order to promote all my products.

  18. 2
    1. A quality language-learning database - here's the product!
    2. Notion + Ko-fi (no-code stack)
    3. Twitter, Reddit, Indie Hackers, Hacker News
    1. 1

      Wow! How do you find high quality resources for 20+ languages?
      How do you evaluate some resources that are involving languages that you are not familiar with?
      Which platform or which type of post worked out best?

      1. 1

        Thanks for asking!

        Many of them have been battle-tested personally by myself.

        For those languages that I'm not familiar with, I evaluate mostly by checking out reviews by other people/students and social presence.

        Twitter, Reddit, and Indie Hackers worked out the best for me. All I did was sharing various milestones and launches types of posts.

        Once I got a couple of buyers, the momentum starts kicking in.

        Hope it helps!

  19. 1

    1 -Im working on my very first Reactjs project so its localhosted rn.
    Its a pinterest + instagram + behance kinda project focused on the UI UX niche where users will be able to find anything related to that niche.

    2-React, Node, Express, Mysql

    3- Reddit, ads, here (hehe), instagram mainly (by contacting those semi influencers on the niche)

  20. 1
    1. A suite of mobile apps that allow individuals, teams, organizations to run core business functions from anywhere in ease using peer-to-peer secure data synchronization platform eliminating the need for proprietary cloud subscriptions

    2. Android Studio for the apps and .NET Core for relay / encryption engine

    3. As I'm getting closer to launch my first MVP I just created my new landing page at http://produktyf.com.

  21. 1

    For Watch Routine:

    1. An Apple Watch app (free) for tracking your workouts without the need for a phone. Lets users follow their progress and statistics in a web-app (subscription model)
    2. SwiftUI, React, Node, Postgres
    3. Still trying to figure out that part :) Doing some Twitter, Instagram and SEO so far.
  22. 1
    1. infocaptor Chart and Dashboard Report builder ,
      Stack : PHP+MySQL, Customers: Content marketing

    2. mockuptiger Wireframe Software
      Stack: PHP + Mysql, not marketing (stagnant)

    3. WordartPortrait Wall Art Prints . I built this for my wife using woocommerce using her etsy listings.

    Currently working on SEO Audit Tool
    Initial plan is to release this as Free wordpress plugin and use the pro version to create a wordpress based SAAS.

  23. 1
    1. An intuitive tool for end-to-end testing for websites and web applications.
    2. Python, Django, Celery, ES6, React, Redux, Websockets, Chrome extension
    3. Talking to potential customers, promoting on start up websites, creating case studies, SEO
      you can check the website at http://bugbug.io/
  24. 1
    • An app to manage your personal content backlog- things you want to consume across podcasts/social media/books etc curated in one place
    • Using no-code (do reach out if interested in building it with me :D )
    • On Kernal/IH/Slack groups

    Link for kernal with more details: https://kern.al/idea/one-central-platform-to-manage-your-personal-content-backlog

  25. 1

    Vidds.co – super simple and fast, template-based video creator

    1. Problem: Everyday entrepreneurs and business people don't have the time or skills to promote their product or services by creating great looking video content at scale

    2. Stack: VueJS, ffmpeg, PostgreSQL, Ruby

    3. Promote:
      – PH launch
      – IndieHackers, Reddit, Twitter
      – LTD on AppSumo (great for early users and feedback - not sustainable)
      – Basic SEO

  26. 1
    1. Just want to help friends who need a hand to create website. 👋🏻
    2. 🛒 Wordpress, Woocommerce, PHP
    3. Interested? Email me at [email protected]
  27. 1
    • What problem are you trying to solve with your product?
      Build better products by analyzing Customer Sentiments with every form submission. https://nocodeform.co/

    • What's your initial tech stacks?
      Nodejs - Typescript, React- Typescript, MongoDB, Vercel, Heroku, Bull, Inhouse engines for Sentiment, Spam, and Analytics

    • How you promote you product and build an audience?
      Currently building in public on Twitter https://twitter.com/sanketmakhija.
      Also writing content and will publish blogs soon.

    Happy to get some feedback.

  28. 1

    Currently I'm building Sponsaurus, a tool to help newsletter owners book advertising space in their newsletters.

    I'm building out the MVP using Ruby on Rails.

    I've been struggling to promote things, I've been posting some progress updates on Twitter (https://twitter.com/hrrsnbbnt), but that hasn't got much traction.

  29. 1
    1. https://smol.pub, your journal on the small net
    2. Go, postgres, linode
    3. I don't so much!
  30. 1
    1. Marketing solution for Privacy-friendly tools
    • We design games that teach internet privacy and advertise privacy tools at the same time. ( Currently developing a widget which you can add on your site as an exit intent pop up)
    1. Game Design and Marketing?

    2. I am currently pooling privacy tools for beta-launch.
      Indiehackers who will join the beta will get 6 months -12 months free. (A more detailed information will be posted this week)

  31. 1
    1. (Unsolicited) NSFW images in DMs
    2. Ruby + Public clouds
    3. Twitter.

    Extra: The project will be shutdown on Sep 30th. I would like to get feedback, ideas, etc. about how to retire a project

  32. 1
    1. Implement email capture, live chat, form, bug report, bookings & other must-have website features without writing any backend code

    2. Mongo, Node, Express (backend) & StencilJS (frontend)

    3. The product is in beta and I am promoting it on Reddit

    Website: https://particle.systems

  33. 1
    1. Overmind saves you time asking dumb questions at work when the answers are scattered and out-of-date
    2. NodeJS/React/AWS
    3. Mostly LinkedIn
  34. 1

    Currently working on Motor Matchup

    1. Car website where users can simulate real-world drag races
    2. Next.JS / MongoDB
    3. YouTube and Reddit!
  35. 1

    I'm trying to find people who know about Heart Rate Variability so I can lean on their experiences but I literally have no idea where to find them.

  36. 1
    1. A SaaS to help businesses automate their manual documents
    2. Laravel, Postgres, Dotnet, vuejs
    3. Mainly getting customers from my network at the moment, and then using that to reach out to people in similar industries. Also doing some content marketing with articles on our site.
  37. 1
    1. Give local "heroes" (plumbers, electricians, etc) a way to promote themselves and get leads online, through a network of sites.
    2. React (Nextjs), Netlify, Tailwind, Strapi.
    3. Early days, pre launch - so far Twitter outreach and basic Google submission.

    Take a peek

  38. 1
    1. Making Membership Sites/Online Courses with Notion
    2. NextJS, Postgres, Heroku/Vercel
    3. Twitter, Reddit, IndieHackers

    Check it out: terrace.so

  39. 1

    Eurotripr.com - (currently) ranking all countries in Europe based on Daily cost, COVID restrictions, Active COVID cases, Fun, Weather, Crowds, to help travelers plan where to go in Europe when we are able to again. (longer term_ Allow people to get more detailed information on countries, cities, and attractions, plan their own trips, download premade trip itneraries, chat with other travelers, and much more. Basically I want it to be a cross between Indie Hackers and Nomad List but with a focus on Europe.

  40. 1
    1. Creating tools for makers to build and launch product faster
    2. C and Python
    3. Content marketing and crossposting makeall.dev

    The MVP is up and evolving !

  41. 1

    1.- My main project is:

    landing pages for startups, saas, bloggers,..newsletterers...

    2.- Tailwind CSS - Alpine.js - HBS - Gulp
    3.- Free Side projects


  42. 1

    A passwordless authentication solution.

    And we have launched it today for free: https://t.co/tUkyKk15GE?amp=1

  43. 1
    1. People who have learnt to code but struggling to get their first job. I have written a book for people switching careers into development that launches on the 30th July (this Friday)
    2. Squarespace, Google docs and Mailchimp
    3. I have 3K followers on Instagram, 51 people on my mail list, a blog, a podcast and a blog.

    careerswitchtocoding.com 😀

  44. 1
    1. A platform to allow people to easily create forms to store data and build workflows based on this data
    2. Laravel
    3. I am still working towards getting it ready for an initial release, but honestly, I will need to spend some time figuring this out soon.

    I don't have a live version of it, but you can check out a quick video walkthrough here:


  45. 1
    1. An app to help collect, organize, and act on insights from user research for founders.
    2. Nextjs, Fastify, Prisma, Postgres on Vercel/Heroku
    3. Right now, directly contacting potential users from my network and soon social media as I'm starting to accept alpha testers.
  46. 1
    1. Focus Wall is a clean dynamic desktop wallpaper to help you stay focused with a glance.
      Keeping all your important to-dos in that one perfect place that see everyday, your desktop wall! So you can easily sort out your priorities, right there on your wallpaper, with just a single glance.

    2. It's a desktop app and I'm working with a stack that I've been playing around with for a while and this is the First product that I've build using it.
      It consists of Electron, React, SaSS, Python, Bootstrap and a custom component library that I've built for personal projects.

    3. Mainly building in public on Twitter, Reddit and Indie Hackers.

  47. 1

    Apps for work-life balance are a super competitive market. What made you decide to put your project on hold (metrics, customers feedback, personal feeling...)?

    1. The absence of privacy and control over our private data, Telios redefines online privacy!
    2. Powered by react & hypercore protocol
    3. Social media (twitter, IH, PH...) + Blog. I also try to attend networking events.
    1. 2

      It was an early version and I haven't figure out a way to create a big enough benefit for people to keep using it.
      Personally I also found that time-tracking may be a starting stage of reviewing personal work-life balance. But in the long term, it may not be necessary.
      Maybe I'll try other ways to cut into this market in the future!

      Just join the waiting list of Telios!
      End-to-end encryption sounds promising!

      1. 1

        That makes sense. Maybe working around work-life balance as a theme and propose to users a step-by-step process and path to help them achieve better balance. The first step would be time tracking and then moving on the next tool (2nd step).

        Thanks for the support, it is much appreciated! Let me know if you ever have any questions that come in mind.

  48. 1

    I built Workflow app for teamwork, it easy to use https://workos.me/en

  49. 1

    I actually am still in the ideation stage, but here’s what I got so far. Feedback is appreciated!

    1. Many UI kits are over used online for different SaaS and startups and because of this, it’s harder to stand out!
    2. I’m going to build some UI kits using the ever popular utility framework, Tailwind! I plan to create kits that work in Figma, HTML, React, and Vue!
    3. Through content marketing, newsletters, building in public, word of mouth.
    1. 1

      Sounds promising!
      Is there any prototype of some of your UI components to get a glimpse?

      1. 1

        it isn’t final of course. This is one of the most important steps. so I really gotta nail it.

      2. 1

        Just started designing rough mockups in order to find the overall aesthetic actually.


  50. 1

    Kick start custom SAAS projects in a few seconds.

    Early prototype animation here - https://twitter.com/james_a_rob/status/1419650723055296516?s=20

    1. Reduce time between idea and execution for SAAS projects down to a few seconds
    2. JavaScript
    3. Going to build in public (twitter/IH/Reddit)
    1. 2

      Looks like a big time saver!
      Getting common things setup immediately is wonderful.
      Looking forward to your launch!

  51. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  52. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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