Self Development December 3, 2020

What's your Superpower?

Ronan Wall @Ronana

I recently found a copy of ‘Gallup strengths finder’ that i completed 10 years ago. It was a revelation for me back then. On the back of it I changed my approach, from spending 100% of my time trying to fix what I wasn’t good at (no matter how unhappy it made me) to focusing 50% of my time getting even better as what i was great at. It made me so much happier (and successful) in my work and brought a lot of good to those around me

For the record, my top strength was Responsibility and, after completing Gallup, instead of avoiding responsibility in my life, I sought it out. I put my hand up instead of keeping it in my pocket

What's your top strength and how do you lean into it?

PS I’d like to retake a strength test, so any good quality (and preferably free) alternatives to Gallup that you would recommend would be welcome

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    Building communities and bringing people together. 🥰

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    My superpower is to sleep 5 hours / day. Sounds stupid, really useful. Tons of free time each day!

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      Have you read Why We Sleep? Highly recommend it!

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        WIll take a look, for sure! Thanks Levid

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      I wish I had that!

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      Did you have to train your body to do that or that’s just how you’re built?!

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    Reading people intention over the wires

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      That's a good one! A really good one!

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    l can think of plans, several steps ahead and I can do it fast. Give me a biz problem/product and I can give you an actual good plan to act on it, with a ramifications tree of the possible scenarios and the order of chance that one path of the tree will happen over the other.

    The exception for it is Marketing/Growth. I know nothing about those, so when that part of the plan comes, usually my suggestion is "Hire someone good for this". So, i think my "superpower" is pretty good for the most part, but I'm not a one-man-army.

    On the "how I learned part": I don't actually know. I've always like to break things apart and build them again. So keep track of what goes where and be organized so you don't lose stuff I think was the start of it. I think being organized and a little bit methodical is a big part of it.

    But not overthinking things is the challenge. Know what's actually a reality and what's is just your mind drifting away. You need to know yourself pretty well to catch when you are being over-the-top and have the power to brush away those to keep focused on reality.

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    I am really good at asking business people questions about their (hidden) requirements so that coders know what to code.

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    My superpower is getting stuff done, regardless of how hard it is. Even if I say it's 3 days, and ends up 3 weeks, I won't be very happy about it, but I will get it done :D

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    Does the ability to code still count as a Superpower?

    When I learned to code in my school, it was truly magical and felt like a Superpower.

    Are there way too many of us to look at it that way?

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      Great question @imthath_m. I watch as skills that used to feel magical; speaking other languages, coding etc become less so, as AI and new products make it possible for so many more people (or computers) to perform the same task. I'm in favour of progress so I don't want to sound negative, I try and stay one step ahead and think 'Whats not easily replicated / needs the human mind?'. Right now I'm enjoying upskilling myself in Design : )

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        Whats not easily replicated / needs the human mind?.

        I have asked myself this question sometimes and tried to pivot from development. But everytime I have realized that there is a lot to master in my field and that expertise is still required. So I have not taken the full plunge into something completely out of software development.

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    Designer turned developer, now I can do both :O

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      I am a developer who has learned design and did it for my personal projects. But I can't say that I am a good designer as much as I am a good designer.

      Do you feel equally good at both?

      How long does it take to achieve that?

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        Not equally good and by no means good in graphic design, but trained in UI/UX. I used to work a lot for design studios and that helped a lot. But, would say my main strength is development.

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    Social Media Growth and organic traffic generation.

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    I learn. Maybe not as fast as I'd like but the ability to learn and change careers serves me well.

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    Designing directly in the browser!

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    My relentless motivation to always improve :)

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    My top strength is perseverance :)

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