What's your top acquisition channel right now?

What's your top acquisition channel right now? If more than 1 channel, which ones are they?

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    Here's a meta answer :)

    I've analyzed all 490+ IndieHackers interviews for an answer to this question (see Zero to Users) for more details). The top 5 channels are:

    1. SEO (after another acquisition channel works for you)
    2. Marketplaces
    3. Product Hunt
    4. Reddit
    5. "Powered by" marketing

    I actually wrote a separate IndieHackers post for each of these channels:

    1. SEO - here and here
    2. Marketplaces - here
    3. PH - here
    4. Reddit - here
    5. "Powered by" marketing here

    Hope this helped.

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      Woah, I have a lot for to read :) Also checked your ZeroToUsers report, it's amazing. Thanks.

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    For Plausible Analytics, the top driver of trial signups is Google organic search. It's by far the largest one too. Looking at the last 30 days, Google referred 175 new trial accounts while the second highest source Twitter referred 36. We've made our stats open to the public so you can explore them in detail here https://plausible.io/plausible.io

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      Did it start that way? Or did you start with something else, and Google (slowly) started to overtake everything?

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        Google was nowhere to be found at the start.

        In February last year we got 117 site visitors (not trials) from Google and in March we got 143 site visitors.

        Then we started publishing content including feature based pages such as this one on us being open source but also blog posts on a regular frequency (approximately one per week). The first blog post I published was on April 8th.

        Now take a look at our Google traffic over the last 12 months as we started publishing content (last month Google sent us more than 5000 visitors): https://plausible.io/plausible.io?period=12mo&source=Google

        Content works!

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    1. Referrals from folks who have taken my courses

    2. LinkedIn organic posts

    3. Facebook paid

    I do a ton of activation related work via email in the form of free courses & content that slowly move folks into the paid offerings.

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      What's your strategy for LinkedIn organic posts? Do you have a lot of contacts/followers?

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        Hi @Nikoisonfire I have 5700 followers so decent but not amazing. For LI organic, I try to post either a video or a text update every day or two (getting more consistent as I go). The best posts are ones where I tag folks that I know will engage with the post itself. Also, links crush you - if you post a link in the post you'll get hammered by the LI algorithm and it'll give you less reach. This is why you keep seeing the "link in first comment" play that people are doing. Hope this helps!

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    We got some initial users from PH, wondering what to do now.

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    Organic search is a big source for us. I run a software development blog that's be great in finding leads.

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    Right now Twitter! We've had a few tweets get retweeted and that has boosted sign ups + got us out first customer open startup page.

    We've noticed that after doing some content marketing, (blogs primarily) DuckDuckGo and Google traffic is starting to trickle in which could be a game changer for us.

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    For us at promote.so, it is affiliate marketing and cold outreach via email, Twitter or LinkedIn. In the coming month, we will try content marketing

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    For me it's Reddit right now (luckily I'm in a niche where they won't throw rocks at me if I dump a link or two).

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      I've also read a lot here that some sub-reddits can be quite harsh when it comes to self-promotion.

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        Depends on the people really. Have a look how I blatantly self-promoted and made $640 ARR: https://syften.com/blog/post/one-comment-640-arr/ - there is no rule on Reddit.

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        That's what happens when someone blatantly plugs their product without actually providing value to the conversation.

        I use a custom tool I built that alerts me when a conversation relevant to my product is happening. That way, you can actually add value to the conversation and may even end up with a new customer or two.

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          You're not by chance the person behind F5Bot are you?

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