What's your workday dynamic - short productive spikes or longer intervals of work?

Hello, IndieHackers!

I was wondering how long can you keep working without interruptions? Does it depend on your energy, focus, the type of task, or something else?

Do you have shorter blocks (of, for example, 30-45 mins) of work with breaks in between or do you maybe get most of your work done in one sitting? Or something in between?

I'm really curious, so please share!

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    It's different for different times of day. I tend to do a deep-focus hour long chunk in the morning because that's when I'm at my best. I save my smaller-chunk, 15-30 min blocks for the afternoon.

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      Hi, @rosemaryoneill!

      Interesting insight, thanks for sharing!

      What about throughout the week, do your habits change as the weekend gets closer or are you able to keep the same level of productivity during the whole week?

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