Landing Page Feedback July 2, 2020

When do you build your product’s landing page?

Krupali @krupali

I'm keen to know your thoughts on the "right timing" to build a landing page, feel free to share any other timings or related thoughts in the comments.

When do you build your product’s landing page?
  1. When I have an idea 💡
  2. Once I’ve built my MVP 🔧
  3. Before I fully launch 🚀
  4. Never 🚫
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    Thank you all for your responses on this post!

    I've used these findings, my Twitter poll and further chats with startup founders to write a blog post and host a talk on landing pages. Further details are shared in this Indie Hacker post so be sure to check it out 👍


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      You're welcome! Glad I could help :)

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    Landing page should come first. Personally I believe in marketing before even building an MVP, and by having a landing page/waiting list you'll be able to get feedback and see if you're on the right track before even finishing your MVP.

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      I've certainly seen great success this way! Thank you for sharing.

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    I built one very quickly this time (with Hackr and Landen) as I got great survey results and want to validate as well as get a rough idea on Customer Acquisition Cost. I have both email collection as well as some fake signup buttons for 2 different price points.

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      This is really interesting insight, thank you!

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    I say start building it when you have the idea. That way once you move along with this idea, you can adjust your landing page as you go and therefore you'll be able to release it sooner.

    I sent you an email related to this so check your inbox 📧👈

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      Makes sense and I'll get back to your email. Thanks!

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    C. I think its best to get a landing page up ASAP in order to get feedback and validate your idea. Sure, you can get some feedback on an idea from family and friends, but validating your idea with the market and you r ideal customer is key. For me, the natural step to do this is to create a landing page for your MVP and begin validating it.

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      I'm curious why you won't choose A? Based on your reasoning, it seems like a landing page (albeit pretty basic with perhaps a hero only) would help validate your idea, what do you think?

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        Hey @krupali. I think I may have mixed up the letters up top. I think getting the landing page up ASAP is paramount for starting to gather feedback and then iterate. So yes, as soon as the idea is formulated, the next step is to get a landing page up and going!

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          Ahh that makes sense, thanks for letting me know 👍

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    I think a landing page comes when the idea is validated with your entourage. It's the opportunity to get a broader opinion on what people out in the world think of your idea. I have however seen many people use the landing page as an email collection tool, when actually it should serve to test your hypothesis. "Are people interested, will they pay for it, how much would they pay, are they up for it after seeing the pricing, etc..."

    A great example of an amazing landing page is the original buffer landing page:

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      Thanks a lot for sharing your super useful and interesting insight!

      You're actually the second person to share that article with haha! It's a great read :)

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    I think it's essential to get something up "When I have an idea 💡". Getting the wording roughly right and being able to note down the key features is like the basic MVP definition. Otherwise it's easy to run off and build a bunch of stuff without having committed to something properly.

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      Completely agree 🤓 now to help others do the same with everypage

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      Thanks for sharing 👍

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    B, it will help you market your MVP

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      Thank you for sharing 👍

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    C) Before I fully launch 🚀

    Here is my landing page:

    Any feedback and suggestions are welcome!

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      Thanks for sharing 😊

      I'd be happy to review your landing page. Before I do, I just wanted to check the difference between these pages - vs. - excuse my ignorance as a non-tech person but I'm unsure whether feedback will be most useful on one page or both pages?

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