Self Care February 14, 2020

When do you know when taking a break is more productive than not?


For me, I take a break when my sleep pattern starts to suffer. This happens around once a week. I can' t sleep because I am thinking too much. I try to pre-plan when I will take a break 2-3 days before. So in the back of my mind, I am mentally prepared for the break.

I am still finding way to relax during my break though.

I am asking because I wonder if other founders have a more efficient way to determining when to take a break that I could learn.

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    Red flags for me to know it's time to slow my ass down:

    • Making more frequent and/or rookie mistakes.
    • Having trouble making decisions (could be decision fatigue, could be a sign of brain fog).
    • Simple problems are being over-engineered / taking longer than I feel they should.

    In the future instead of a "see title", perhaps you should share some additional context as to why you're asking, or share your own experiences on the subject.

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        Right on. More context leads to more conversations :)

        What's your work/life balance look like generally?

        I work full-time Monday - Friday and hack on something nearly every night of the week. As of late, I've been slowing my roll a bit on the weekends (specifically Friday night through Sunday night).

        It's slowed me down, but it's also helped me (at least feel like I'm) avoiding the burn out as well as prioritize a TON more. "Doing less, but better" as I like to say.

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          I basically work Sunday to Friday. I might hack something on Saturday that is not related to my startup. I definitely burn out a lot during high workload sprints but manage to pull through.

          The tough part is having to do mundane work that requires long hours without any outreach to customers. For example, I just finished writing documentation that took a couple of days. It's boring but it has to be done. But during this time, nothing is really happening on the marketing end.

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