Growth May 26, 2020

When inputs do not equal outputs, it's important to start small

Philipp Cannons @philipp_cannons

I've tried to start blogging so many times throughout the years but always ended up with 35,000 word MONSTERS that are so complex I can't finish without going full time J.R.R. Tolkien style.

Similar fate as my music career... 100s of nearly finished songs. I've never been happy with them and so I haven't shown more than a dozen people. In fact, similar fate as my startup in the first year. I have a tendency to push for the EPIC and then end up struggling.

Then last week I read about how Anne-Laure Le Cunff had a similar problem. UNTIL she decided she would write something everyday and only allow herself to proofread it once before posting it. A couple of years later and she is making $80K from her newsletter.

Hopeful, I tried writing everyday for a week straight with the rule to post something at the end of each day. To be honest with you, I still ended up with mini-biopics. But I would then extract one section, and voila, I had a post.

Each day I posted on Hacker News and yesterday you can see from my data my post was 1 spot away from making it to the front page. Super encouraging.
2000 visitors in 1 day

When inputs do not equal outputs it usually has to do with value. That's why it's so important to start small and focus on quantity first.

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    Great piece, thanks. I have the same problem but with software projects - multiple unnecessary features that takes months to complete. I have also come to the realisation best to keep it simple.

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    Great work! I'm so glad you found an approach that works for you.

    1. 1

      Appreciate it! And thank you for sharing the approach that inspired me. :)

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    Awesome work! You have to get your content out there if you want people to react to it.

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