Growth June 29, 2020

When to Launch on PH?


We are looking to launch a product, which currently has ~100 DAU (95% are new).

We are planning to put the PH banner up, on the launch day, but this means that it gets seen by ~100 people.

Additionally, we can spend X days, trying to build a list of users, which will likely to delay our launch.

So the question is, should we try building a list (either via registration / other way) or should we launch with the banner alone? Building a list comes with additional integration, as well as newsletter providers etc.

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    Building a list sounds like a great way to get more 'targeted' momentum on your launch day. Especially if you're already at 100 DAU, that's what I would do.

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    We waited until the product was mature enough for that audience. PH'ers will expect a slick experience. I'd worry less about your list size and more about product, pm fit, and if PH'ers are even your target audience.

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    Delay the launch.

    How can you optimise the launch.

    Aka providing the most value and collecting it back.

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      Do you know rough estimates on what % of upvotes comes from users initially?
      Or let's say we delay it by 1 month and have 1,000 users on our list. What would be percentages for people helping us by upvoting? Should we offer something for those who upvote? E.g. give us feedback on PH and get a supporter badge etc.?

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        1. There aren't any specific benchmark numbers for that. If your users hang out on Twitter, PH then you can expect a high response.
        2. If you are looking to amass upvoters, try reaching out to PH hunters to hunt your product.
        3. Incentivize users who upvote, if you can. If not, a heartfelt appreciation post would suffice. establish a relationship with your upvoters, figure out their expectations of your product it may help you!
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        Depends on your audience and if they use PH.

        I get help from communities I know use PH. You can only do that if you have invested in them though.

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