😁When to pivot your product?(I pivoted mine entirely)

Hey Indie Hackers 😁,


I build a product called curiousfounders and I was about to launch it but because of the negative feedback I pivoted it.

Long story Short

As I was building curiousfounders,
I did a post on IH but the user feedback was very bad. Curiousfounders was a place in which you tool to help you an entrepreneur build you own audience. But the user feedback was that the problem is already solved by indiehackers (and I have to accept that it is the truth. ) So I decided to pivot into an awesome newsletter (and add features like slack community, hackathon hiring, live sessions, events , resources, dev agency for startups and many more.)

Moral Of The Story 😎

Before writing a single line of code, validate the idea through communities like the indiehackers or reddit.

What you can do?

Please early sign up for the curiousfounders 😁

And also feel free to DM me on twitter to learn more about curiousfounders.(twitter.com/tomgrigory)

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