When to start charging?

Greetings IH,

I'm currently working on https://indiestack.org/ which is a community for independent entrepreneurs. At some point, I want to make it a paid membership. Everyone who signs up before moving to a paid subscriptions gets free membership, as a thank you for the early support.

The problem I'm having is, when to make it paid? A community is interesting in that people won't want to join, let alone pay, without some action inside the community. When do you start charging? 100 users? X amount of posts per day?

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    If you believe in your idea, concentrate on creating a community. When you have a lot of people, then you can monetize it:-)

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    I think X number of posts per day is a better way. I am making a tool for artists and I had the same confusion. But I have also decided that I will let users to send only x number of requests per day and after that they have to pay. I haven't implemented it yet, it is in early beta version, but I will do it in next release. http://wpdemo.justgreen.in/as/home.php

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      This is a cool idea! Yeah agreed, I might need to do that. The problem I'm having is users are signing up, but no ones posting!

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        I think people are signing up to try new things. They will only start posting on something, when they will see that the post will generate some value to them.

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          I can post all day with amazing threads, and I’ve posted some interesting threads already, but no ones replying. Perhaps they aren’t as good enough.

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            Are you promoting on other social platforms as well? Because in the time like this it is necessary to promote everywhere. People will start posting slowly.

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              Only twitter at the moment. Yeah you’re right, that’s a good idea which I haven’t tried just yet!

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