When was the last time you found something on Product Hunt that you went on to use everyday / very regularly?

Just asking because I've visited product hunt every day, multiple times for like... nearly ten years. Maybe more.

I can't think of anything I found there that I actually use.

If you have, what was it?

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    Same I can't really think of anything, although I normally go on there for ideas, more than looking for something to use myself.

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    Mhh I always thought of going on PH once a day was important but you're right I've never actually used anything I found there for a long time 🤔

    It helps me keep up with "Trends" tho in a way I think

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    I'm rarely on Product Hunt, but products that stuck with me:

    • every day: obsidian.md, riot.im turned into ---> element.io
    • few times a week: Airtable, Substack, Insomnia REST API Client
    • few times a month: RapidAPI, Netlify CMS, Otter
    • few times a year: MetaMask, Zapier

    Must be more than that but either I use them less than a few times a year or forgot that I found them on Product Hunt ;)

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    What kept you on PH all these years?

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      Good question. I (like probably most of us) am a compulsive early adopter so I guess I go there looking for gems. Rarely (never) find any.

      I guess it's the whole "variable reward" dopamine addiction thing.

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        my experience so far is to only go there to support some ppl from community in their launch.

        I'm not checking it on the regular basis

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    I never found any useful products for myself on PH. However, when I launched my app there, I received useful feedback about functionality and pricing that I implemented.

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    Good one 😅

    We can also look at it a bit differently. Product hunt is a catalyst that makes product more popular, and you may end up hearing about them from someplace else. But it's still because of that initial launch.

    Here's one product I've discovered recently and became a big user of: roam research (connected note taking).

    I heard about them on twitter, not product hunt. And yet when I check, I see that they got a fairly successful launch. And I also see that some people I follow on twitter have upvoted it, so that might be why I heard about it in the first place.

    Just my two cents. I still think that we put too much emphasis on the value of product hunt, and it's not necessary for success at all.

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    I found Bubble.io, brain.fm, and Descript. I use all three of those pretty regularly.

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    I created Top Product's Today for busy Indiehackers to discover products that are useful for product building.

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      that's a great idea, I just subbed.

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    Good one :) Nothing comes to mind 😁However, I do have quite a few that i've added to some categories, to come back and analyze later.

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    Hah! I never stopped to think about it, but I agree. It's filled with great new ideas but not really anything that I use on a daily basis.

    That being said though, there are very few tools that I use every day as it is, and they were all pretty much created by larger companies (i.e. not in the ProductHunt target market).

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    • obsidian.md - sleek-looking desktop markdown editor
    • ReaderMode - Chrome extension for simplified reading
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    I don't visit ProductHunt too often, but ~2 years ago I found Presentator and Airtable there and still use them to this day.

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