Where are the best places to find good freelance developers?

My startup Clickacall has just got pre-seed finance (yippey!) and we're ready to recruit 3 short-term freelance developers to help build the next stage.

Moving on from our 'rough around the edges' MVP can't come soon enough ;-)

I've already posted here in the jobs group, plus on peopleperhour and linkedin. Peopleperhour has worked in the past for me but hit and miss. The Linkedin ad was free - is it worth paying the upgrade. I've also tried Upwork in the past but didn't find anyone useful. And also heard about Gurudotcom but no experience of this.

Where do others find great English-speaking developers?

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    I assume you're referring to this link: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/3-freelance-jobs-css-javascript-dev-react-css-styler-ios-android-app-developers-63e4f057b0

    The rates (converted) are $42/$35/$31 (from the post).

    Very few people in the US will pick that up. $42*2080 = $87.3K yearly salary. It's extremely LOW rate TBH. That might be why you're not getting many responses.

    A full time JUNIOR employee (non freelancer) salary (with benefits which is worth around $15K-$20K extra) would start around that. An experienced freelancer would expect to get double or more (per hour) than you're offering.

    So you're targeting outsource-areas. I don't know, but the rates being offered by US companies (to them) is most likely higher than that.

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      Exactly this. I'd even say an experienced dev would be a minimum of $100/hr, so you're not going to find much at 1/3 to 1/2 that.

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      Appreciate the responses @wkalicun and @davidwparker. But I'm really annoyed by these job sites forcing us to show a rate. I've actually just updated them to show a much higher rate and this wording...

      "UPDATED: The price shown is a placeholder only - wow us with your skills and we will be happy to discuss. Clickacall will pay great rates for great people!"

      So two things...

      1. if you/people you know are interested then contact me - great people is the key thing, we can discuss rates after that

      2. my original post was actually asking for recommendations on where to find good devs. So the question still stands... ;-)

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    Here! I'm a London based, experienced developer starting a software agency specialising in bespoke software for smaller companies and startups. Message me if you'd like to talk.

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      hey Jake, you're more than welcome to email me directly ;-)

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    Hacker News has montly freelancer/looking gor freelancer thread

    Reddit r/forhire or subreddits specific for your tech stack

    Talk to developers in your personal network. They 100% know someone.

    Good luck!

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      thanks @AthosBlade, just found some cool subreddits, will try those.

      with HN - it looked to me like you could only advertise for jobs in your y-combinator startup? is there a specific link or post format for anyone to advertise on there? I've never posted to HN and it scares me a bit, don't want to get kicked off before I even get going ;-)

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        Maybe you were looking on job post/looking for job threads?

        Here's the one for freelancers for this month: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25989763

        Just make sure to follow the same format as other comments.

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          yeah that thread looks spot-on! But even though I am logged in I can see no way to add a thread or reply to it. What am I missing?? Maybe the idea of getting my Covid jab in 30 mins is making my brain go weird ;-)

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            You can only reply within some given timeframe. They post those monthly on the 1st of the month, so be prepared to post on a new one in about a week.

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              ah ha! I get it, and looks like it is the 1st of the month.

              actually r/startups does a similar thing on the 1st of each month where you can post info about your startup.

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    someone has just messaged me to say it's unlikely I'll get a response to this, or certainly not a truthful one. Because recruiting good devs is so hard right now that people are reluctant to give away their sources.

    hhmmm, I hope that's not true ;-(

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