April 1, 2019

Where can I find contractor hires to help me with designing my landing page?


I'm looking to validate an idea with a landing page and signup form. Does anyone have suggestions on where to find help designing and building those? And what the market rate is for those services? I'm comfortable with Javascript/CSS, and could use help with the design of the LP. Thinking it would submit signups into MailChimp or Google Forms? Thanks!


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    thanks everyone, these are all great suggestions. i am going to take the advice of @attacomsian and @natagon and try to wire something up myself, see how far i can get with that, and then should have an idea of where i could use additional help.

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      Yup, let me know if you need any help.

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    gitcoin.co is my go to for help with this. Make a github repo for it, make an issue, and someone will come work on it

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    Since you are comfortable with JavaScript and CSS, why not just download a free landing page from Wired Dots and edit it by yourself?

    Good designers are very expensive and you might ended up paying a lot of money for a simple landing page.

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      Agree with you, he can buy well designed template for $29-$100, and embed mailchimp easily

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    hi @ebaizel ! I'd love to help if I can. I have a couple fantastic designers on the team, check out links to the work below and lmk if you like the aesthetics. we're best for ui/ux (as opposed to logo design etc)

    work at http://reliablebits.io/work
    also designed http://pulsemetrics.io


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    If you're just testing something out, you might want to look at landing page builders. It really depends on what your needs are (do you have the copy for the website? and idea of what it need to look like? do you want someone to do everything for you? etc.).

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    Hi I can help you in designing it. Using mail chimp or Google form may seems amateurish when you can get these leads to your desired personal email ID. for further contact my email id is [email protected]

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