Design and UX June 2, 2020

Where can I get my dream Landing Page?

hvitis @Hvitis

Hey guys, hustlers!

1 sentence background:
I can do Python, I have an idea, I know that landing page is important, I don't like most of the pre-build templates, I am using VueJS


Where would you suggest me to get a beautiful landing page? How much would it cost? Should I search for a designer? Is VueJS relevant when it comes to that? Do you know some sites with beautiful Landing Pages for sale?


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    Hey Hvitis,

    I don't know what type of product you are building but if it is a saas based product, have a look at Unicornplatform( by @alexanderisora.

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      Thanks a lot!

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    @Hvitis I run, a design subscription service that works with a ton of Y Combinator companies and indie hackers like yourself. Landing pages is what we do best. I'd recommend checking it out if you're seriously looking for a killer landing page for an affordable price. I'd be happy to send you a variety of examples if you're interested.

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      Probably worth mentioning, we can build the design for you in Webflow as well in record time. So you wouldn't be necessarily stuck building it yourself if you so desire. 👍

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        Thanks Brett. I'm looking for 1 time buy. I could pay the price you offer but if that would be a one time buy. I don't see a point if subscription in this case but thanks!

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          Yeah no problem. A lot of users just sign up for a single month, get what they need, and cancel. But good luck getting your dream landing page. There are a ton of amazing designers easily accessible on Dribbble.

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    Late to the party, but if you haven't made up your mind I invite you to check out my free landing page templates on They're built with Bootstrap and HTML and you can use them for an unlimited number of free and commercial projects without attribution.

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    I know you said you don't like prebuild templates, but i think you can check my free templates Dia or Almathea on
    It's main focus is to be simple, no library, just pure css and some js for basic stuff.

    Also, i can customize it for you or make a completely new one if you wish.

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      Hey, thank you so much. I really like this one

      Can I implement it in my VueJS app? Would it be difficult?

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        Hello, sorry for late answer. Yes, you can do anything you want to with it.
        The templates are specifically done to be easy to implement. You just need to put links to css files in the header and put two javascript files at the bottom and you are good to go. Use html elements from the template demo with the same classes and ids

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    In the initial stages, your landing page is probably not very important at all. You can start without even putting one up.

    You'd likely be better off spending the time you'd put into making a super beautiful landing page trying to reach out to potential customers and set up informational interviews about the problem space you're going after so you can validate what you're doing and (hopefully) line up some initial users. This part is less fun, so you're going to be tempted to work on other less important things instead, but trust me you'll be glad you did this instead.

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      Thanks a lot. That was my initial point of this thread - to save time. I sat down to coding the landing page but as python guy quickly decided that I need to buy or order a template. I want to quickly find something nice and pretty to focus on other things.

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        I would say just get a wordpress template, throw it up in a day with some basics, and start doing sales. In the early days before you have a product and a launch and whatever press you can drum up, your website is pretty much going to have no traffic, so the only use case for the landing page will be somewhere to send people so they can read more about your idea before deciding whether they want to take a meeting with you. I would not overthink it or spent more than 8 hours on the webpage in the very early stages. You need to be talking to potential customers.

  6. 1, you will want to iterate it fast and it saves me time from actually building the landing page so I can build my products that much better

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      Thanks a lot. I'll check it out but I'm not into hosting it somewhere. I have my domain on my server already so I'm mostly into finding a template, template maker or designer

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    I would say you've got two options: purchase one from something like, which has a lot of cool designs but requires more development knowledge.

    The second option would be to have one custom built. I don't know what your budget is, but I would be glad to create one for you. I can get it done relatively fast, and it's still a one-time buy.

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    You could make one with Buefy

    Bulma + Vue?

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      This. Looks. Amazing. I am even reconsidering now the actual elements ui I started on using. Thank you so much

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        Yep, is really easy and responsive. Long time ago I did this templates...and if the work for you just grab them.

        If you decide to use them, they are using old Bulma cdn you might want ti change it to buefy....

        They are not super good but, maybe it saves you time.

        I made this with it.


        I am really glad it help !

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    Have you checked out ? that's my favorite resource to get beautiful landing pages. They have stuff built for React, Vue, Bootstrap, Figma, etc.

    If you want more custom. There are great designers you can find on Dribbble with as low as $500-1000 per page. It will be just a design template though, you will have to do the implementation or find a separate person for that

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      Isn't it mostly design? Couldn't find code

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        They have all kinds. If you search by the platform you'll get relevant results. For example search "bootstrap", you'll get bootstrap based templates

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    Here is a comprehensive guide with specific reasons why to use the pre-built templates/format.

    Because they work

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      Amazing article. Thank you!