Sales October 26, 2020

Where can I sell unused domain names?

Anthony E. @profullstack

I have some domain names. And rather than park them I'd like to sell them somewhere. I've tried eBay and Flippa but they are too expensive.

If you have any other ideas for generating traffic/monetization I'm all ears. Someone mentioned which looks promising but the site all look like crap.

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    I've just set up 3 sites on

    I agree initial UI isn't ideal, but after a couple of minutes with CSS and custom fonts, I've managed to get a very decent look out of them.

    I'm still having problems with SSL. Hopefully it's just a matter of waiting for DNS/Cache's to refresh.

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    I know the founder of - it's a tool for you to turn your unused domains into news aggregators/web apps with the goal of bringing in some passive income, so it's not exactly a domain marketplace.

    If you're looking to sell your domains, I'd suggest submitting them to DNWE - they are super selective with the domains they list but if you get accepted, your domain should sell really quickly.

    Other options are, Afternic, Sedo, etc.

    I also provide a domain listing service on One Word Domains (the 3 domains at the top of the site are featured domains) but all the spots are taken for the moment - feel free to DM me on Twitter and I'll let you know if a spot frees up!

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