November 8, 2019

Where did you get your laptop stickers made?

Erik van Eykelen @evaneykelen

I'm considering making laptop stickers for my early users. Any recommendations where I can order good quality, sturdy stickers? Preferably a place where they make those nice "non-shiny" ones.

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    Stickermule is great for that.

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    For folks in this thread who pointed me in the right direction... DM me on with a postal address as a thank you!

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    StickerMule in the US and StickerApp in the EU.

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    Printed with Avery shipping labels on a color laser. Though I was just testing it out. It's still on my laptop holding up well.

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    Where ever the people at the conferences I attended made them ;)

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    We used StickerYou for Album Daily and were very happy with the quality and timeliness.

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      Will check them out!

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    Yep, StickerMule is the place to go.

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      Hey Rob, the nice MicroConf and ChargeMore stickers I got in Dubrovnik are actually the reason why stickers just made it to this month's todo list ;-)

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        Ha! Love it. Both of those were printed with Sticker Mule 😉