Where do API SaaS get their data?

I am interested in creating any API SaaS. Something like providing weather, crypto price, forex price etc. But how do you get the data?

For example, things like weather, where do small startups get their real time weather data, to provide API with?


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    I managed large data-focused APIs (public companies and segment leaders in SEO). It's almost always a combination of data you create yourself as your flagship offering, and data sourced through partnerships. You could generate your own data by calculating or summarizing off third-party APIs.

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    You can either create your own repository, create a response, source from other services or also invite other APIs to partner with your SaaS.

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    Almost every crypto stock platform like binance, bittrex, coinbase has their own api documentation for providing stock exchange data. Like; https://docs.pro.coinbase.com/

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    Well, by looking for exactly the API they need. As you mentioned, if I want to get the weather I try to find a weather API.

    If an API for the use-case doesn't exist you could crawl, or since it's kind of a grey area, "monitor" sites that provide the information and store it in a spreadsheet/database.

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