Where do I sell?

Hey IH,

I have a side project that's been floating at $200/300 MRR for about 2 years. Check my post history. At this point I've been working on something else and would love to have someone else take this project to the next level. I'm looking to sell but have no idea where to start. I actually invested a lot of money into SEO/content recently so I'm sure someone who knows what they are doing can take advantage if only even for the domain/link building potential the site has.

Site is in the nursing exam prep space.

Any advice is appreciated!

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    Hi Maciej, sounds promising! In your case I can recommend Flippa, they had great traction in recent months and have a lot of buyers actively scouting..

    I also wrote a small post about where to sell your website, which might help: https://dealsflow.com/where-to-sell-my-website/

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    how much are you selling it for?

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    There are a few marketplaces I've seen that are built around this space. Might be worth looking into listing it on one of those. One that's getting a bit of traction is indiemaker.co.

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      Thanks for the tip, appreciate it!

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    Email me - [email protected] - I might be interested but have some questions

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