Where do you buy your domain for your project?

Is it goDaddy always?

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      Same. I might use google domains or domainr.com to find the perfect one then I go over to namecheap and buy it. It usually is a dollar or two cheaper!

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    Porkbun. Super great service.

    I am moving all my stuff there actually.

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      Cool will try porkburn thanks!
      Do they offer free domain for first year?

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        Go for porkbun.com simple and fast then godaddy complex dashboard sometimes i feel godaddy is buggy

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        I am not sure right now...but they are really cheap.

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      Second this. They are awesome.

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    Porkbun, lovely little service and it allows me to move away from Godaddy

    Highly recommended!


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    Zlipa, hands down! Bought 2 already.


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    Slight sidenote - I recently found out that you can transfer your existing domains to cloudflare; even though you can't register a domin with them. Their renewals are at-cost. I can't recall their security and privacy features.

    They supposedly honor the time left on your existing renewal too. So if you buy on porkbun or wherever, and you have 10 months left until the domain comes up for renewal, then transfer the domain to cloudflare, they extend your cloudflare renewal time by 10 months.

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    Namecheap Hands down. Been using it for over 10 years. Love the support.

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    Domains on GoDaddy and Servers on DigitalOcean or AWS, depends on the project.

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    All my domains are bought from Namecheap.

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    I use these as mentioned in my curated list of startup tools - StartupToolchain.

    I would also like to insist that, cheap is not always the best.

    Privacy, Security and Support matters; especially Support if your domain gets taken over without your approval, many of the cheap domain providers don't have the necessary skillset to resolve such issues.

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    Nope, been using Griffinhosting.com for 20 years, know the owner personally.

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    namesilo, great prices and API

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      Cool will try this thanks!
      Do they offer free domain for first year?

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        Nobody offers free domain unless you buy something from them.

        Most give a free domain for 1st year or even for life if you buy Hosting, Websites etc.,

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    I use Hover because when I contact customer support within a few minutes I am talking to an engineer/technical person.

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      Hover lost me as a customer when they accidentally released a domain I had auto-renew on, even though they successfully charged me for it. It took several hours before I got it back, and for my DNS records to be restored. The main fear I got was if someone would've had a backorder on my domain, it could've taken much more effort to get it back.

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      Cool will try this thanks!
      Do they offer free domain for first year?

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        No, just low prices that don't surprise you on renewal date.

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    Namecheap and Google Domains at the moment.

    P.S if you're looking for a free alternative to GSuite with custom domain - check out Yandex Connect.

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      I didnt bear about that Good domains???

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    Google Domains, planning to move to cloudflare

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    there are always some good offers

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      and a lot of upsells

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    Right now mostly Porkbun. Also, I have some domains Namecheap and Namesilo. Thinking about moving them to Cloudflare.

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    Be careful if you're going to try Namecheap. The first year is really cheap but the next year prolongation is 5 times more expensive. The Trojan horse startegy at it's best

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    AWS. I use it for other stuff as well though. Seems cheap & good.

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    I've always used internetbs but I have been hearing good things about porkbun so I might give them a try in the future.

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      Cool will try this thanks!
      Do they offer free domain for first year? Internetbs??

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    I originally registered my domain with Register.com via Weebly, but recently transferred it to Namecheap. I'll use Namecheap for any future projects.

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    Usually mix between Namecheap, Name, and Godaddy, each provider has different prices for different TLDs.

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    Porkbun is great with amazing discounts / sell and super chat service.

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      Easy setup also then godaddy

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    Porkbun without thinking twice

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    If I did it again for Uclusion.com I'd probably do it with AWS or google (most likely AWS). The cost of the registration is a pittance compared to getting your name services setup with route53 or google domains pretty much effortlessly.

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      Cool will try this thanks!
      Do they offer free domain for first year?

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        I'm not sure, the cost of the domain is usually pretty small though.

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    Whoever (fairly well-known) offers the cheapest at that moment. I'm not sure it's the way to go. Once I had domains from 5-6 different companies, however I never needed to check them after setting them. Only measure could be the privacy thing, if they offer it way too high or not.

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    I alwasy search on iwantmyname.com, then I buy on namecheap

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