Where do you buy your domain names?

I usually buy mine on Godaddy or Namecheap, and I was wondering what are your favorite options here on IH.

Asking because I would like to partner up w/ some domain providers for my project Cruip.

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    Stay away from GoDaddy at all costs!

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      I've always used godaddy but now I'm considering changing. Did you have a bad experience with them?

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        1. They're more expensive than other registrars.

        2. They thrive off charging you for things you either don't need or didn't ask for and then make it very difficult (if not impossible) to get a refund. When working with clients I've tried to get refunds on upgrades that either their website or support said they needed when in fact they didn't but was told it was already charged and there's nothing they can do. To be fair, I have successfully gotten refunds but it really depends on the service.

        A client was once charged for an extra 2 years of domain registration randomly 3 months before renewal (or something similar to that - it's been a while at this point) and GoDaddy said it was some policy to protect the domain from running out, to which I said, "I've been doing this over 10 years and I've never seen this. Isn't that what automatic renewal is for?" They gave me a random explanation and said they wouldn't give a refund because it was on a domain purchase. I think that renewal was around $32 for 2 years when you can get renewals for about $9 elsewhere.

        I know it sounds ridiculous / like I should have been able to call back and get a different support person and got a refund, but if you search for GoDaddy stories you'll see they're more like a bad cable company than a decent domain registrar.

        I tell all my clients now to stay away from GoDaddy and they end up being much happier with a lot less hassle than before.

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      here to support namecheap. reasonable price, easy to use and great support.

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      I’ve used namecheap and it has one major issue: you cant configure zone records without switching to their nameservers. That’s a big problem, because it means downtime. If you have a live site using other nameservers and want to switch to namecheap, it’s simply not possible to configure your zone files ahead of time. I brought this issue up with them and they just shrugged their shoulders, so to speak

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      I also use namecheap for now though cloudflare looks promising as the TLD list scales.

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      Me too. I have no idea where and how I found PorkBun, but I use them all the time.

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    Namecheap - good customer support and tend to be cheapest

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    Namecheap, but im curious, why stay away from GoDaddy?

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    Namecheap - I used to use Hover but moved away from them because the bad UI and customer service. I have been very happy with Namecheap.

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    Google Domains. I will also say stay away from GoDaddy. They bought out my searched domain within few hours and mark it up by 8000%

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      After consulting with a few friends, I also ended up with Google Domains. I guess GoDaddy is market-famous for their dark practices!

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      I had some similar experiences, but I never thought it was a GoDaddy trick...

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    You made Cruip!? Great work @Davidep86 I love Cruip.

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      Hey Noah - Yes, and thanks for your kind words :)

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    I go with Amazon Route53. If I recall correctly it was a tad more expensive for a .de domain, but vastly cheaper for an .io domain. I can easily manage our domains with terraform this way which is my biggest motivation to go with AWS. In my opinion it would be a good choice for you as well if you want to automate as much as you can. I am not sure if you can get a special deal with them as reseller however.

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    NameCheap and Dynadot. GoDaddy is the worst and highly overrated option in domain names industry.

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    Google Domains has been my favourite recently - moved over 100+ domains from GoDaddy!

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    I buy from 123-reg and then transfer them to cloudflare registar (it's fairly new so only allow transfers not purchasing new domains directly). They don't charge any markup like other registrar's they just charge the wholesale price for renews.

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    Used to be 123-reg, but I've now moved over to Namecheap.

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    I typically use the cheapest of either Name.com, Namecheap, or Uniregistry.

    Once you can actually buy domains with Cloudflare Registrar, I'll probably exclusively use it.

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    One thing to consider when buying domains is the total cost.

    Some places charge an extra fee for privacy services for each domain, instead of paying once and having all domains covered.

    Ease of use is also important, esp if you are less tech savvy.

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    Have using Google Domains for a while; I've been very happy so far.

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    GoogleDomains without a doubt.

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    porkbun and namecheap

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    Namecheap & Google Domains

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    Google Domains - it's just super easy to get everything set up.

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    I have been using https://www.nuageapp.com/ for the past 3 years and it's awesome. Very simple, just has what I need (easy and fair purchase process, clear DNS setup) + integrations with popular services.

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    GoDaddy only if I can find a working coupon. Otherwise, I just pay the higher cost and get it through SiteGround.

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    For all my products I use machine learning and nlp to see what brandable domains expire then buy them on Namesilo.

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      Anyone interested in brandable domains?

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    I use Google Domains for taormina.io and danger.world, but I definitely have a NameCheap account floating around.

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    I use Iwantmyname.com

    I love their simple interface, and their domain search is the best around. Their customer support is really awesome, too.

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    I use noip.com for all my domains and my clients. They're not the cheapest but support is very good. I like being able to manage all the domains pointing to my web server from a single location.

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    I bought downless.io yesterday on Dynadot.

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    NameSilo but will probably switch to cloudflare

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    I use Hover because their support is very good, the first time I was setting up a site with AWS Hover was able to help me through the DNS settings from the live chat.

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      Might want to look at buying through Route53 in the future if continuing to use AWS, makes most things, especially around integration, much easier!

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      I've not seen that Netlify sells Domains, Do they?

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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