👩‍💻Where do you find your gigs?

Hi, hackers-freelancers! 👋

I am currently building a product for freelancers, and it is important for me to find out which platforms/tools/communities you use for finding your gigs?

I attach a simple poll here, but please feel free to mention it in comments. Please mention %-wise how much effort you put in that channel.

Please mention your strategy of getting the gigs and what works/ doesn't work for you! 🙏

For me, my primary source of freelance work has been Upwork dominantly. But I wonder if there are other channels out there that I'm not aware of.

Where do you find your gigs, primarily?
  1. Upwork
  2. Word of mouth
  3. PeoplePerHour
  4. Fiverr
  5. Freelancer.com
  6. Reddit
  7. Slack Channels (I will mention the names in comments)
  8. LinkedIn (seriously?)
  9. Other (I will mention in comments)
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    Very interesting. I'm doing cold email outreach only. Been working as a freelance webdev for 3 years now. For me it is very important to flush out what your "Ideal Client" is. What industry? What Job Title? and so on. When you have this it's easy to source these people on LinkedIn. Then I will start on my outreach funnel which is basically to send them an invite on LinkedIn and start talking to them.

    Feels like a lot of Software dev's are only doing platforms like Upwork and so on. Maybe I'm wrong? I spend a lot of time working in my CRM to contact leads, follow-up and so on. This has gotten me lots of clients and usually also people that will continue to reach out to me with new projects.

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    When I was freelancer, a couple years ago (before I co-founded logology.co), I began with solutions like Upwork but eventually I got to work in coworking spaces where I could meet a lot of people. Slowly, word of mouth became my best channel to find gigs, and my favorite because the jobs I got where much more interesting. And, in "word of mouth" i would put the social networks like Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.

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    Reddit and cold email

    1. 1

      What is exactly your strategy for sourcing emails for cold outreach?

      1. 1

        Read comments in threads I'm interested in on HN, IH, and Reddit.

        If I see someone saying "we're hiring" I reach out.

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          Hey, which are your preferred subreddits?

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            r/forhire is pretty good

            I've got some leads in niche-specific subreddits but nothibg serious

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    I am also building product for freelancer(https://www.hiretheverified.com/), let connect if you want.

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    I get a couple clients a month, and with that I will slowly build a network getting more clients in an instance.

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      Thanks for sharing! Where do you get them?

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    Hey Vadym, we at Ginevar have developed a tool for freelancers to get instant notifications on new gigs popping up on the web. They can browse some of those for free or apply automatically without any input with our paid plan.

    Let's connect to share insights

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