Where do you get inspiration for your designs?🤔

Hello, fellow indie hackers 👋, I am currently working on a side project called iconsizer (shameless plug 😀). My backend is ready for MVP but I need to build a good looking webpage.

So where do you get your design ideas? I am currently browsing dribbble and would love to hear your suggestions. 🤔

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    I normally pick some colours using:

    And then browse the below links for ideas / components:

    Also whenever I see a nice looking page that does it's job well I will screenshot it.

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      Codemyui is my side project, thanks for including it

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        It's a really helpful tool when I'm trying to get ideas for what a page or part of a page should look like. You deserve the thanks for creating it 👍

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      I would check out coolors.co - it generates a color palette with ease and lets you customize it.

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      Thanks for adding SaaS Pages, glad you're getting value from it :)

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        No, no, thank you for making a cool product. The Real examples to be inspired section next to the best practices is a simple idea but works really well and is super helpful.

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      Thanks a lot for the resources I will definitely check them out.

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    As a more back-end focused developer I usually browse themeforest, find something that looks cool for like $20, buy it in the spur of the moment.

    Then one of three things happens;

    1. I never use it.
    2. I use it and 3 weeks later regret the decision because it doesn't provide something I need.
    3. It's kind of ok but really bloated and slow. It probably has loads of annoying animations that I spend most of my time disabling.

    This system doesn't work but I'm stuck in the trap...

    I should probably learn tailwind but after having used bootstrap, foundation, material UI I am suffering UI burnout and can't find the energy.

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    Hi Bojidar! I've collected +1000 SaaS pages screenshots on SaaSFrame.io
    I think you'll find the inspiration you are looking for 🙂

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      This is great! Keep up the good work 😉👍

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        Thanks! Hope it can help 😉

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      Thanks Brayden. Congrats on getting to $100!

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    For me it's mostly Dribbble (I even made this Chrome extension to save me time on opening shots 😀)

    For general inspiration I also use:

    And for UI patterns I often go to these:

    Here is a good list of of Design inspiration resources

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