Where has the time gone?

Hey everyone,

I've been busy going deep into Bitclout (now Deso blockchain) for the past few months. I even built a project - with more to come based on the lessons I've learned.

For a while the twitverse has worried that Bitclout was a scam. I likened it to bitcoin in the early days - who knows what will happen and there were many potential pitfalls. Slowly but surely Deso is getting better - and silencing the critics. This is a really great open source project - with lots of developer support to build it further. There are still some scammers (like anywhere else on the web), but that's getting much better too.

Anyway, hit me up if you wanna chat about Deso or coding or indie hacking. For now, I'm sharing a $100 referral link in case anyone is on the fence and wanted to try it. https://diamondapp.com?r=5K61pNBD

DiamondApp is an example of a node running on the Deso blockchain. bitclout.com is another more famous example. many more exist

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