Where should I syndicate blog posts?

I have a blog called [space/craft] for my company, Moonka.space. There is only one post live, but I am generally planning to write to an audience of engineers looking for a job or engineering managers looking to hire in the nearby future. The topics usually cover questions related to the IT job market, software and product development in general and also issues related to how we approach work in general.

I see that a lot of people are cross-posting their content and I feel like it can be a good way to get the word out there. The three main platforms that I am currently considering are Hashnode, dev.to and Medium. All three of them support canonical URLs as well, so it seems like they are a good fit for my purposes.

What are your experiences with such cross-posting? Do you have any other platforms that you recommend?

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    I faced this problem when I wanted to distribute my blog(https://cloudnweb.dev/) content across social platforms. it's a manual process and it was time-consuming. I was looking for a solution like a buffer but was not suitable for Medium,Dev.to and Hashnode. So, I built one for myself.

    https://crossxpost.app/. It allows us to share our blog/content across all social platforms by embedding canonical URLs. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or your suggestions/ feedback.

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    Hey @zcserei it really depends on your audience. You could find one super engaged channel and stick to that depending on where you are in your journey, as then the people you engage with are more likely to convert. You can always increase the distribution channels as you grow.

    How old is your site/blog?

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    Swish will enable you automatically post to all 3 of those platforms. Why leave any out if you can get them all 😁?

    Disclaimer: Swish is my product

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    just choose a few places! i share some of my posts or newsletter issues here on IH... it works nicely!

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      Does IH allow for canonical URLs? I couldn't find an option.

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