Where to find creators and get in touch with them to validate a problem?

Hi guys !

Do you have any tips on where to look for curated influencers/creators in niche areas ?

Are you randomly searching or are there any slack/reddit/instagram communities available in order to find them rapidly ?

Thanks for your help !

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    Pretty much everywhere. I think if you're clear what problems you're solving, then you know what keywords/topics to look for, you'll know where to go.

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    You can find Creators all over internet. From personal blogs to TikTok accounts (or even more recently Clubhouse). I'd suggest you to narrow down the characteristics of who you're trying to find. Start by defining their media platform (be it audio, writing or video) and then some of the categories you want to look for. That way it will be pretty faster.
    In an other way, you already have almost 300 Creators in this Creator Economy Group so have fun talking to each other. ;)

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      it shouldn't be random tho as you say @guibut... you should choose intentionally the spots!

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    It's not entirely clear who you're trying to find or why, could you share a little more context? :)

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