Where to post development tips / blog?

I've made two JS/TS/Vue/Nuxt/Firebase/PWA apps (Phojo and Shared Game Timer) and during this time, I believe I've solved a number of problems, solutions I would like to write up and share with others as a way to repay the many great articles I've found that have helped me along the way.

So, what is the best way to do so? I can always post it on a site i own. I like the idea of controlling/ owning my writing. But no one will find it.

I could do Medium? It seems to be the big thing right now? Or is it GitHub? But I really don't know the pros/cons of different options.

So that is my question to you all. Where should I do my writing, and how do I share it so that the people can find it?

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    Try hashnode.com

    It's built around a community of devs. Could be easier to get some distribution.

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      Interesting. I guess technically the text is stored on hadhnode's servers, but they send backups to github? And you could break the CNAME link and set up somewhere else if you wanted to...

      And you could then cross post to other platforms too i guess?

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        Yeah, articles are stored on their servers, but you can backup to github.

        Not sure about the other things you mentioned.

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    I post everything on my personal blog first and then cross-post to Medium. Very recently, I've added in cross-posting to dev.to as well, so I post everything three times (my blog, Medium, dev.to) and set the canonical URL to my personal blog.

    I started doing this ~9 months ago and so far it is working reasonably well. I even get a trickle of organic traffic from Google (~1 - 2 visitors per day) which is more than I expected when I started writing.

    A warning with Medium - you can't write highlighted code snippets directly in their editor, the only real option is embedding Github gists which makes posting code-heavy articles there a little bit of a time commitment.


    For an idea on how many people I reach this way: My latest post, from the beginning of this week, has been viewed ~200 times on Medium and 100 on dev.to. My previous post (2 weeks old) is basically reversed, with 300 views on dev.to and 100 on Medium. Both were selected for further distribution on Medium, the more successful dev.to article got picked up by their Twitter account which added a traffic boost.

    My most popular article has been read viewed ~2000 times on Medium and 200 times on my personal blog since posting last winter.

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      Ah, so you are getting sort-of the best of both worlds, you post on a personal blog and then, what ? Copy and paste the text into Medium and dev.to? Or do they just take the URL of your personal blog post?

      I don't think I'd post that much that I couldn't do some extra effort for each platform. I'm not intending to post often, just when I have something I believe is under-reported or where I have a unique angle to a problem/solution.

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        Yeah I'm just copy/pasting from the personal blog into the other platforms. I only post a couple times a month so it isn't too difficult to manage. Medium's copy/paste is really solid so apart from the need to create gists for each code snippet it is really simple to post to Medium after I've published on my own blog - just open the post on my blog and copy/paste to Medium and formatting/links carry over without issue. dev.to requires a little more work but I write my personal blog posts in markdown and it mostly works, but it isn't quite as smooth as the Medium experience.

        If I were posting multiple times each week I might look for a dedicated tool that would allow exports into the right format but, like you, I'm only really posting when I feel like the problem I solved deserves a blog post.

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          Doesn't creating copies of your articles on multiple sites affect your SEO performance due to "duplicate content" issues? Do Medium/dev.to set a canonical URL?

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            Yes, both sites allow you to set a canonical URL to avoid duplicate content issues.

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