June 10, 2019

Where to share my survey?

Daniel Hangan @scooch

Hey folks, I am in the process of validation a startup idea. After some market research, I have decided to create a survey to better understand the audience.

What are some of the places I could share and get responses to my survey?

I have shared on IndieHackers and Reddit and got only 25 responses, however, I am aiming for at least 50, ideally 100.


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    Have you tried joining some facebook groups that are saas related? Or maybe saas groups on Linkedin?

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      I tried some facebook groups but didn't have much success. Do you have any recommendations?
      btw. what incentive should I add so people get motivated to fill in the survey?

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        To be honest, that depends.

        I learned this from Ryan Levesque. When I conduct a survey I ask first the SMIQ (Single Most Important Question)

        Say on a Facebook group of my target audience. Here's what I would post.
        What's the ONE thing that you're currently struggling with in terms of UX Design (Since I'm a UX designer)

        Once I get comments or answers from members.
        I'll get some ideas and create a lead magnet from those comments.

        Then once I finished creating that lead magnet (PDF)
        I will now start with my product-market fit survey with the incentive that they were asking through the SMIQ that I asked.

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      Facebook groups are great. I've had more than 1000 answer in a week. The target audience was large though

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        Ahh gotcha.
        What result were you hoping to achieve with the survey?

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          To have a better understanding of the market and coffee consumption (frequency of consumption, why do they drink coffee, if people have negative effects etc.)
          At the end, I asked if they were interested in a product that would replace coffee, without the negative effects of it. I did not put my website nor the name of the product, just a description of a solution to a problem.
          I got hundreds of mails this way.

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            Nice that's an awesome way to get survey especially because it doesn't appear as being spammy.

            It sounds like you're currently looking if there's a product-market fit with your survey. How are you segmenting the response?

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              I'm still trying to figure out a good way to segment the responses. I think I'll correlate people inputs (side effects, frequency, ​etc.) with output​ (are they interested in my solution?).

              I had far fewer responses when I tried to ask for their job, age and sex so I removed it.

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                Yeah that's a great idea.
                You can also segment them by assessing who are hyper responsive. To really qualify leads.

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