Bloggers October 16, 2020

Which benefits, opportunities personal blog as indie hacker/entrepreneur gives yo?

Dawid Zamkowski @iamzamek

I am starting personal blog under the name domain and just wander... What it give you? Any opportunity to work with amazing clients (i.e. expensive consultations) or cofounders?

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    Gives me more nuance to explain my motivations for doing something than you can possibly fit into a tweet.

    This attracts people to follow me on Twitter or join my email list who are generally interested in what I'm building.

    It's a way to help attract the kind of audience who can help you via connections, networking, advice from more experienced founders.

    Not sure if that helps because it's vague but I think you can get a lot of benefits from personal blogging if you do it with a degree of intention.

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    My blog is also an email newsletter via Substack. For me, I think the benefits are:

    • Helps me to structure my thoughts;
    • Demonstrates how I think to others;
    • Helps to build you an audience;
    • Gives you an expanded network for cultivating opportunities;
    • Becomes the basis for traffic you can somewhat direct + a base of users for your next product;
    • Access to a selective audience that may have a specific interest; and
    • A potential set of readers that you can monetise directly - turning your blog into an info product.
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