Which content has highest traction? Here's my data.

There are many outlets for sharing content and building an audience.
But am I learning from experience?
This week I compared stats to find the 20% of effort that drives 80% of the traffic.
I was surprised when I reviewed all my traffic numbers after sharing content for the past eight months.

Here are the results for the month of February:

Website - two articles per week, 133 views
Personal Newsletter - four weekly emails (55% open rate), 140 views
LinkedIn - two posts per week, 1,047 impressions / views
Twitter tvercory - ~3 tweets per week, 1,865 impressions
Twitter sjono ~5 tweets per week, 3,300 impressions
YouTube - 3 video uploads, 22,000 impressions, 2,400k views, mainly older videos

I was surprised to see how many views my tweets get, since they feel very insubstantial.
And even LinkedIn posts get more views than my website!

My big realization is that video is king, and YouTube uploads add value for years (my top video is 5 years old).

Let me know in the poll which medium has worked best for you?

** UPDATED 03/03 with 6 month data**
When I add up all my impressions overs 6 months twitter comes much closer to tying YouTube. This comes mainly from one or two 'viral' tweets and threads that brought in many eyeballs in Sep and October.
New takeaway - Twitter is a much larger opportunity, but the results drop off very quickly as people rarely look at a viral tweet one month later.

What medium has the most traction for you?
  1. Twitter
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Email Newsletter
  4. Blog / Personal Website
  5. Facebook / Instagram
  6. YouTube
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