Product Development June 21, 2020

Which domain name to choose from these 11 names?


EDIT - [This is finally named to Siteoly - The fastest way to build websites from Google Sheets]


We are building a product that creates websites out of Google Sheets data.
The temporary name we chose is NoCodeSheets for this project.

But in the last few days, we started asking for some better names to our subscribers.

Here is the final list of names that we want to ahead with after many suggestions. (Looking for .com domain only)

Some reasons for trying different names apart from NoCodeSheets

  • NoCodeSheets is only talking about 'Sheets' which means primarily Google sheets. But we are pivoting the product over to airtable as well shortly.
  • We will be providing subdomains on our domain, so users can create, etc but the name sounds lengthy.
  • Not sure if we want to tag ourselves to "NoCode" movement with the current name NoCodeSheets. Some names we are thinking has 'noco' in the name.
  • Trying to see if we can get a smaller name
  • Was looking something like sitecraft, sitebuild, sitelaunch, sitebrew etc but no luck with availability. (Added based on suggestion from comments)

*Any other .com names are welcome as well.
*Yes, I know naming is only small part of the overall success. But still want to have a decent name.

  1. 3

    Sitejoe i find it easier to remember (sorry! 😁)

  2. 2

    Sheets is part of your solution, but the problem you're solving is no-code websites. Maybe keep the name around the problem, as your solution might evolve in the future, beyond sheets. Although personally I like the "NoCode" tag, as that seems to be the core theme of the product. There are some good .io available names like, which you might want to consider. The other option would be to randomize your suffix for a .com, example is available.

  3. 2

    NoCodeCheats ???? Kinda a play on word

  4. 2

    I really like the new suggestion it is the only name that rolls off the tongue. The remainder are tricky to remember.

  5. 2

    I think I'm biased, but seems to be way more serious and professional -- although it doesn't capture the 'site' portion of the product.

    Brainstorming -- your customers might associate the gs TLD with "Google Sheets".

    1. 1

      Yes, looks serious and professional to me.

      For me the Next best in the list is

    2. 1

      Yeah. NoCodeSheets was my original choice and I like it. But its long if I have to provide subdomains on it. Also some people may not understand 'NoCode' (but still okay). Yes, there is nothing about 'site' :(

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    Have you looked through Expired Domains? Sometimes someone else has already thought of a great domain, or it'll spark an idea for a great domain. Use the filters for .com's that are available.

    To answer your question, none of those suggestions really compelled me to click or understand what the site is about.

  7. 1 is available // Get UP online with NO COde. It's kind of free from anything, like gibberish but easy to remember and doesn't link to anything specific in a way that might restricting you to pivot or even expand. Three syllable short.

  8. 1

    I am a professional domain broker with years of experience helping people choose the right domain for their plans and may be able to give you some insight into options for your project.

    If you are interested in some assistance, please post a method for me to contact you directly to discuss further.

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    Well its a very lame suggestion so please don't judge
    It has your 'no code' tag small and easy to understand if this is not available then go with
    These are my suggestions 😀

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    something simple and relating to your solution always wins for me, I like nocode or nocodesites. as swebzdev said you could get a good .io name

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    I like sitejoe, siterend and sitetile from a branding perspective. Joe could be a mascot. And tiles are a common ui pattern. Rend I guess you meant short for render?

    Also as swebdev mentioned, a name that allows you to pivot in the future will help at this stage. Get crackin’ and good luck!

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    I hand register domain names in order to resell them. I thought of two domains that might benefit you when I took into consideration your competitors and the common keywords used in your industry. I saw that you want to include site in your domain and thats fine. I also included a domain that implies you extracting data. and

    "Pull your data from any database source and instantly create a website"

    Your domain name doesn't necessarily have to contain the word site. In my opinion your business is the type where you can have a name that can imply one of your abilities (pulling data from x source) without having to include the word site.

    If my suggestions aren't good then its fine but if they are of interest make sure to register them for the 9 to 12 bucks it costs because there are other domainers who will register any of your candidates and try to resell them. My reason for giving free domain suggestions is that I can gauge whether or not my domain ideas are on the nose or at way off. It allows me to think outside the box when I think of a unique domain to try to resell. Goodluck.

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    You could try if you have a couple thousand dollars of spare change. It is described as a premium domain :-)

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    I like noco* names. It gives me better understanding right from the name what kind of product that might be. Attaching yourself to "NoCode" movement might not be a bad thing, but I guess it depends where do you plan to pivot.

  15. 1

    I’d be careful with some of the ones that become too hard to say. Think about someone trying to recommend your product to a friend over the phone.

    Site tile dot com is available, you could look into that.

    1. 1

      Thankyou. Yes, wanted the site to sound smooth. May be is good or is it too tough to say to someone?

      Added sitetile to the list. That's a good suggestion too.

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    Sitestant pops out to me from that list.

    1. 1

      Thankyou. Noted.

      Sitestant is a combination of "instant site" -> sitestant

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