Which email problems do you have?


Just wondering:

Which email problems do/did you have or had and got solved?

I’m asking as I run an email service, but also because I’m planning to write in a blog post.

So any problems you have or had (past or present), drop in the comments 👇

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    Here's a few pain points:

    1. Too many emails.
    2. Not intelligent out-of-office / bounce management for people who reply:
    3. Intelligent time-zone related sending
    4. No built-in follow-up tool
    5. No automatic previews of some file types
    6. Too much friction to add people to contacts
    7. Search is not great (outlook)
    8. No email metrics
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    Some times people can't see problems until they stumble across a solution.

    My biggest issue with email is that I feel like it is generally misused. Too many emails. Everyone wants in your inbox.

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      "Some times people can't see problems until they stumble across a solution."

      This is true, reminds me of Dropbox.

      Regarding your biggest issue: are these emails you have subscribed to?

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        I use Gmail. Many are newsletters, but others are just emails that people send making requests, then it hangs over my head like a dark cloud for days and weeks and months...!

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          Hahaha I don’t know what to say on this

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        Gmail is doing a good job keeping most mails out of the inbox, but you're probably already using Gmail

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