Which is the best free websites to promote your product?

Could you please tell me which are the best free websites for promoting a product? I have come across Product Hunt, which is amazing. I basically promote my product on Twitter & Producthunt. Is there any other websites I could use?

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    Not sure about the best but here comes some 'top places to promote your product' kind of resources I gathered a while ago:

    Would be nice hearing back from you which ones worked the best for you if you end up trying one of these 🙂

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    Who is your product for? It might work better to look at where they hang out and see if you can promote your product there.

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    someone here made a list of directories(I can't seem to find the author)


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      I can't access it, it says permission denied. Ask for permission.

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        Yes, you have to request access. They usually approve almost immediately

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    Hi Savio,
    Still in early stage but you can submit your product for free at www.EZlauncher.com

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    Search for "resources" on ProductHunt and it will provide a bunch of websites that are curated lists for tools by makers. Depends on what you make obviously, but generally there are various sites that cover the spectrum of categories.

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