Which no-code platform to use for this project?

I am starting to build a review website pretty much like Capterra (for a specific niche and geografic). For a MVP (and short term operation) i was thinking in using Wordpress or Webflow. I already use wordpress for other projects, but seems to me that Webflow would be more appropriate for this project. Do you have any suggestions? Is there another tool (besides this two) more suitable for this.

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    There might be Wordpress plugins for it, but most likely a huge headache.

    Bubble is the more advanced option.

    Webflow can't do it.

    Also there are tools built on Airtable/google sheets that might work for an MVP.

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    Does http://sitefast.live/ sound like a fit to you? Since you are building something like a directory site.

    Would love to discuss with you if you need any help.

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    Came across this maker who's building his no code application in public. You can have a look of it here https://www.astramind.io/timeline-id/d35bc447-bbf6-4f42-9a11-35234e9415fb

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