Which RSS feed reader do you use?

As part of my efforts to be more 'digitally intentional', I'm looking to try out an RSS reader to consume my favourite newsletters/blogs/podcasts. Ideally one that's basic/minimal.

Which 'reader' do you use?

ps. other ideas around more intentional newsletter/twitter/podcast consumption are welcome :)

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    I've used Feedly, Reeder, and similar apps for a while when Google Reader shutdown, but when I looked to reduce and slow down my "news consumption", I built a custom solution.

    Over 3 years it's been transformed into https://bloginmail.com which is pretty minimal and basically sends you an email with links to all new posts from your RSS feeds, once per day.

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      oh, cool, I'll take a look.

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        Great! If you end up trying it out, please let me know your thoughts. I’ll gladly pay for them since I only have a little over 30 customers.

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          I think I'm looking for something more app-based, but it's a cool idea.

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      looks great! UX looks cool and cross-platform is handy too

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    Been using Feedly since before Google Reader shut down — works great

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    Thanks for creating this thread, very useful and interesting information here.

    I wasn't so much into RSS until I discovered Mailbrew last year and started receiving my daily dose of news updates via a daily digest email.

    Now I'm so much into it that I even came up with a way to filter existing RSS feeds as well as create my own using Google Sheets. It's called crssnt (as in "Custom RSS") and it lets me for example filter different blogs like the Google Cloud Blog or Medium for articles around a specific keyword which I then read via Mailbrew.

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      oh cool, yeah i've heard good things about Mailbrew. Neat set-up you have there, thx for sharing.

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    Using feedly every since Google reader shutdown. Mostly for blogs and news sites I want to follow.

    For Newsletters, recently started using StoopInbox.
    Its an interesting solution to the flooded mailbox problem.

    For intentional Twitter, I make lists around topics I am interested in and add people to them.

    For podcasts, I use Google podcasts, one day week, I look at my subscriptions and what they have released recently, add them all to the queue.

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      I'm also a fan of Stoop!

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      Sounds neat :) Twitter lists are a great idea, too; I think that’ll have to be my next ‘move’.

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        Best thing about Twitter. Beat the algo, make your own feed!

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          for sure! being intentional is everything.

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    I built my own while learning to code, lol. I'm pretty fond of it and use it everyday. Android only though.

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    I use telegram bot for this https://t.me/rss2tg_bot
    it's not a reader though, only notifications

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    I switched to Feedly from Google Reader. Been using it ever since. I keep toying with the idea of building my own, either self-hosted or offline/desktop app, but it's not too high on my priorities list.

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      I thought Google Reader was discontinued a while ago?

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        I meant to say I switched to Feedly after Google Reader was discontinued.

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    I moved to Feedly when Google shutdown Reader. It's OK. They've been trying to make it more than just a feed reader over the years. It is getting a bit much for my tastes. I've been considering a move to Miniflux.

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      Thanks for pointing to Miniflux. I was looking for a self-hosted solution and this looks very promising.

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      oh Miniflux looks really cool, thank you.

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    I use Feedly because I switched to it when Google Reader was shut down and never needed another reader. Although Feedly hardly minimal, I use only its basic features.

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      Thanks. Yes, I suspect I would use it 'for the basics' too :)

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    Bazqux, cheap, simple, and very much like what Google Reader was. I bought a lifetime account.

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      I also use https://bazqux.com/ ! It's the only SaaS I pay for. Wish I had bought a lifetime account a while ago.

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        I thought they still sold lifetime accounts?

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          Yes but they upped the price, I can't afford it right now, and also I've been using it for several years :)

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      thank you, this looks great. Out of interest, do you use it on desktop or mobile?

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        Desktop and I use it for my RSS as a Service thing.

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    There's also https://feedbin.com. In addition to RSS, I also get newsletters and tweets there.

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      really cool! I'm a micro.blog user, which supports RSS, so getting other users' updates is also the plan. hmm, I'm tempted to buy a tablet come to think of it, so that I can consume via an app away from my phone/laptop.

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