Which startups started as a spreadsheet?

I've been working in startups for the past 10 years and I know at least 2 successful companies I worked for started out as spreadsheets and a lot of manual labor.

Do you know of any other companies that started out as spreadsheets?

Here are some others I can link of:
ZeroCater (reference: https://techcrunch.com/2013/04/06/how-i-started-zerocater/)
Credo (reference: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/297611)

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    Maybe not exactly what you meant, but my startup (sturppy.com) started because I didn't want to plan an idea that I had on a spreadsheet for the nth time.

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    I actually created Hello Website for this very purpose. I wanted to validate a couple of ideas quickly and instead of setting up a database I created an Add-on for Google Sheets that would let me embed maps/charts/tables into my website while my data lived in the Sheet.

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    YNAB! They have a very informative and creative content which makes them stand out compared to classic budget app.

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    Our startup (someka.net) started and still continues as a spreadsheet because we “sell” spreadsheets :)

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    You mean everything is managed by a spreadsheet, but that's not actually shown to users? I guess a lot are, thinking e.g. about a lot of the recommendation sites out there.

    For other things that don't scale, we know Indie Hackers started as a podcast, Angel List as a blog for example.

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    Another good example of a spreadsheet-based startup is sheet2site.

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