Which tech stack do you use for new client projects?

For new client projects, or existing projects, what tech stack is your go-to choice and why?

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    Custom web application: Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL + Heroku/AWS/GCP.
    Custom mobile application: Flutter + Firebase, or Flutter + Ruby on Rails on the backend.

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    Web: Ruby on Rails + PostgresSQL + Heroku/AWS
    Mobile: React-Native + Firebase + Ruby on Rails/Laravel

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    I usually took an clients that wanted me to work in their existing systems when I was contracting.

    If I did get to start a new project it would be:
    Python - lots of support and functionality built into the language. Lots of great libraries that are easy to use. Fairly easy for anyone to pick up. I've heard of people not liking Python, I've never heard of an experienced developer having trouble learning it. This increases the hiring pool if you need to hire someone to maintain it later.

    ReactJS - the one thing that makes me prefer React over a framework that uses HTML directives is the error handling. React error stack traces are phenomenally ugly and dense, but they exist. It is the framework that has given me the fewest silent errors.

    Mysql/Postgresql - honestly, it is just because I know them well and can work really fast with them. Anyone can run through any database tutorial and start building. What matters is whether you know how to handle things when something goes wrong, and something will go wrong with every database.

    Elasticsearch - for the cases where search and analytics are needed, this seems to be the most scalable solution.

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    Firebase + Vercel + Stripe

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    I'm mostly hired to work on existing ruby and JS (mostly React) codebases. For new projects, I'd either go for full Ruby on Rails or NextJS frontend + Ruby on Rails backend.

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    Web: NestJS + MySQL + Angular
    Mobile: Shared Kotlin Multiplatform module for Business Logic + Native UI development per platform + Firebase or custom REST API in NestJS

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    It depends what they’re after.

    A super simple brochure site / landing page then ill see what can be done in something like webflow or even Squarespace.

    If it’s something more involved then Laravel.

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    Next.js + Postgres + Vercel

    The "omfg how is this so easy" stack.

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      Where do you host postgres? Heroku?

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        Anywhere as long as it's managed.

        Digital Ocean is good, cheap and simple.
        GC and AWS are better but you get exposed to their 200 other products and can easily get lost if you're new.

        I usually start with DO because I can spin them up in minutes and don't have to deal with IAM roles and over configuration.

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