Which technologies would you choose for your next web project?

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    Laravel+Vue with a focus on centralizing microservices

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    Supabase is nice. And you probably don't need Mongo since Postgres jsonb is so good.

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    NuxtJS -> NextJS based on VueJS

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    I like Next + Tailwind + Lambda

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    Symfony with GraphQLite for GraphQL API

    Quasar Framework built on Vue for frontend.

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    Svelte is very likely on the frontend, depending on what it is I decide to build next (it's possible what I build next won't even have UI). I've experimented with Svelte over the of the past year with smaller projects, including a mobile app utilising Svelte Native. I've been really impressed with it as a framework in terms of both ease of use and performance.

    On the backend will probably stick with NodeJS/Typescript via NestJS. Once I have an idea I tend to want to build it quickly, so using something unfamiliar at that point is completely out of the question.

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    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I’m just starting a new project. My backend is always Ruby on Rails and more recently my frontend tends to be React, however after taking into account the expected user experience of my new project, I’ve opted to go with Rails + Hotwire (Stimulus & Turbo). It’s been up and down so far, there are some things I like about Hotwire, it feels a lot snappier and a cleaner codebase, however I am certainly missing some of the flexibility I get from React.

    I’ll probably use Heroku to host it, in the past I’ve used Linode, which is great, but I’ve found myself dealing with DDOS and security issues a lot recently so I’m thinking this time I’ll just use Heroku and if it gets too expensive, be ready to move.

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    Typescript + NextJS / Typescript + Express

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      interesting that most opting out not to use Vercel's serverSideProps :)

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        Maybe it's a habit thing, but I kind of like having the API as a different project because if it starts to get too big, I can always split it into smaller micro-APIs.

        I do like Vercel serverless functions, though, and I've been using them on my job.

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          I thought it was mainly a cost thing (or at least most of the opinions that I have heard before). But thanks, I was just curious why not to use the in-built functionality :)

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    The technology, I had used in my last project is JavaScript for the frontend and ExpressJs & MongoDB for the backend.


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    TypeScript, React, NextJS, KeystoneJS, AWS Lambda, Docker, NestJS, AWS S3, Backblaze B2, Digital Ocean managed databases (postgres + redis). If AI is included, then also Flask, Pytorch, and Tensorflow. Anyway, that’s what I’m using so far 😄

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    Clojure -> Clojurescript -> Reagent/React.

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    Vue is my go to choice!!!! It's just easy, and super efficient to work with.

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