Which tool do you use to design responsive wireframes?

Hi hackers, I want to design wireframes for responsive layout (web) and tried the plugin Anima app on Sketch. It was promising but annoyingly bugged.

I am looking for alternatives to Anima App. Any recommendations?

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    Adobe XD is free! Also, as much as people seem to vouch for Sketch and Figma, as someone who has used all three I can honestly say that neither provide a fundamentally different experience than XD. I think Sketch and Figma are mainly used in industry due to how easy it is to share projects through them, but since we are bootstrappers those features are not as important to us so XD is great!

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      Thanks, I find Sketch and Figma good for mobile wireframe but really poor for webdesign. I will try XD.

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    Have you tried Adobe Xd ?

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      2.5 years ago when it was pretty basic. Did it significantly improve?

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        I haven't used it in 2 years too. But I liked the feel of the app

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          I use Adobe XD today and I think it's a really solid prototyping tool. It does have responsive prototyping capabilities but I don't use them so I can't tell you whether they'll fit your needs, but you should try it out since it's free.


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            Adobe XD is now free? Wow good news!

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              For now there's a free tier that let's you do most everything but limits sharing documents.


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    Have you checked out Marvelapp? My friend recommended it but I haven't got a chance to try it yet

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      I tried, but not better than Sketch to design adaptive layout.

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    Try Adobe XD, its pretty good to use and it's for free. I use it to build my products and you can build responsive wireframes too. I can just recommend it.

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    Hey Sam,

    Balsamiq Wireframes is really good for basic drawings and concepts. If you need to make a start on an idea then this tool is great. They offer a desktop option and a web-based option. I've heard the desktop option is better. I'm currently using it and so far so good. There's a 30-day trial then you have to pay. Hope this helps.

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      Hi Bosa, Balsamiq is good for prototyping, but not the best ti design the high fidelity responsive layout.

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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