Which VPS provider would you recommend?

I'm moving away from a VPS provider that's too expensive. I've used Digital Ocean for a client project and it was a positive experience - easy to install packages with Ubuntu and plenty of how-tos on their website. I'm not looking for the cheapest solution - something that's reliable and hassle free. I'll be running Node/Django/Rails/PHP apps and using Postgres/MySQL databases. I would like the option of a European datacenter because of GDPR but I'm not sure if it's necessary. I would also like the option to increase resources without having to create a new VPS.

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    I've been quite happy with Hetzner so far. I've been running a few cluster there. Their cloud has decent cli support and even a working terraform provider. Much easier than AWS and better from the Privacy Shield perspective. Prices seem fair.

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    If you are OK with European locations try Hetzner Cloud, they offer awesome value for money, perhaps the best in the industry. Very fast servers, awesome control panel, incredible prices. Highly recommended.

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    I am using Scaleway.com and I'm pretty happy with them. Although GDPR doesn't really have anything to do with the location of the datacenters. It has more to do with your application and how it handles data.

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      According to GDPR, EU user's data can be hosted outside the EU as long as adequate level of protection of data is guaranteed by the country. The European Court of Justice recently invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield which looks like hosting EU user data in the US is now illegal unless the hosting company add EU's standard contractual clauses to their contract. 2 hosting companies I looked at - Linode and AWS have done this.

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        The EU-US privacy shield was always nonsense hence EU Comission being able to repeal with immediate effect. The GDPR applies to natural persons from the EU. So regardless of where the company is, be that USA or Saudi Arabia, the data controller must comply with gdpr which as you correctly said @mark_ can be done through utilising SCCs.

        Any company should have a section in their privacy policy stating around international transfers of data particularly when dealing with EU citizens

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    I have used ionos formally known as 1and1 they are a hosting company that I have used for a few years now from hosting websites and servers and the setup on a VPS is great as they use a web hosting panel called plesk to do some thing's but you can always login trough SSH if you are familiar with Linux. Also here is a link to their website https://www.ionos.com/

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    Hetzner. Hands down.

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    I am on Vultr. Can wholeheartedly recommend.

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    I've been with Knownhost for years and they've been great. I'm using managed VPS and the service is top notch!
    Would very highly recommend!

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    I have been using Linode for the last 3 years and definitely recommend it. Also I have used DO for my clients and its also good.

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    DigitalOcean - been using it since 2 years

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      He said he's moving away from DO.

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        No necessarily, he said he has used it in the past for a client project. Not that he is suing it now.

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    I’ve used DigitalOcean to spin up a few client projects (also run my own version of Fathom Analytics there too). No issues at all.

    This referral link (https://m.do.co/c/74b3fd11c07a) can get you $100 credit too (although it needs to be a new account so maybe not helpful for you). Figured that would give you some runway to test it out even more.

    Just my 2 cents. Cheers!

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      Thanks for that. One issue I have with Digital Ocean is that you can only schedule weekly backups. Most of the other providers allow daily backups.

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        Yeah I’ve noticed that as well. Older thread with some free tier 3rd party options for daily/hourly backups here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/daily-hourly-backups

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