Which web Analytics are you using?

Okay I know most people here would be using Google Analytics, but are there other Analytics software you are using? Which are these? Is it free or paid? Why are using it, what are some benefits ... questions questions ... just wondering

I am using Google analytics, but mostly Matomo.

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    Recently switched to plausible.io and loving it :)

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      Thanks Kyle for sharing Plausible!

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      Thank you Christian!

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    I'm using plausible.io for Crafted

    Plausible is fast, honors data-privacy for your users, and just easy.

    I think its $7/month but there's a 30-day free trial. I'd love to see them release a free pricing tier for small projects.

    Its simpler than GA, which I appreciate for my purposes. I don't need for the bells and whistles. And the UI is really easy to interpret.

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      Hey @jjdinho,

      Since you're asking for a free plan for small projects: I'm currently building https://panelbear.com - maybe it's what you're looking for?

      Just launched this week.

      I'm happy to answer any questions!

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        Hey @asimon thanks for letting me know - I'll check it out!

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      Happy to hear that Jake, thanks for the kind words!

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    I am using just my own product for all my projects (splitbee.io)

    It has a free plan for up to 5000 monthly page views/events.

    • Gives you basic analytics (page views, unique users, referrer, top pages, ...)
    • Users view (dive into each individual user and see it's actions; like Mixpanel)
    • Automations (notify yourself or the user using telegram if an important action is triggered. Webhooks & soon mail)
    • Funnels (define a journey and find out where your users get lost
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    I put together a list of Google Analytics alternatives when I was choosing a new analytics this year. I started with Fathom for a couple of months, but moved to Plausible (due to better pricing, Elixir backend, EU company). I am currently running it on my blog and my book landing page.

    If you go with a hosted client side analytics, don't forget to serve the script from your own subdomain!

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      This actually looks very cool.

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    I use Fathom with all my pages https://usefathom.com/.

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    I use plausible.io for TaskBill.io. It works great and I like supporting other IndieHackers!

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    Using Google Analytics and Mixpanel (for my software)

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    I didn't see Segment mentioned and this was what we were using, so just mentioning it. Now that it's being acquired by Twilio it seems a hot topic.

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    I am using Insights. I really don't like forcing Google services on my users. Google has shown time and time again it does not respect user privacy so even though it's the easier option for me, I feel unethical forcing it on my users (of course they can block the GA script but how many people do?).

    Inisights is super simple and easy to set up. It's OK for user privacy (no cookies) but I'm not sure I will keep using it once I'm outside of the free tier usage.

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    I recently switched to Plausible for one of my sites. Plan on moving my other sites over as well.

    It's paid version bit I use it one to support a good startup, but also due to the privacy focus and the simplicity as Google analytics is massively over bloated for what I use/need

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      thanks for the kind words Chris, appreciate it!

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    I'm currently building Panelbear.com

    Yes, the "simple and privacy-focused" analytics space has plenty of good alternatives already. For example there's Fathom, Simple Analytics and Plausible.

    However, I'm trying to offer a more complete toolkit over time.

    I just launched this week, the feedback from my early customers has been super encouraging! I'm looking forward to the coming months :)

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      Love how you're building your own product bro, keep it going

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      Ahoy is awesome, it makes it super easy to figure out where a new user came from and attached it to the account!

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      I highly recommend Ahoy. We're using it for SEOly and have been really pleased with the robustness of the gem and the ability to customize

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      Very cool to hear, will check Ahoy

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        It's for Rails. We use it as a back up at the moment, but will transition to it fully at some point.

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    Google analytics is best as compare to others... and I am using it from a decade, tries to others also but I like the Google Analytics.

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    1. GA is our main 1

    2. HotJar - to track users' activity on site (great 4 product analysis)

    3. On our back end we are logging users' activity on our database (a small module we developed). good for user activity tracking, from a single user point of view ...

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    When you're in the early stages how should you prioritize getting customers vs trying to optimize for conversion/analytics? Always struggle with finding the right balance.

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    GA + Mixpanel, both fed by Segment. It’s an incredibly powerful combination, ready to scale, and all have generous free tiers.

    Source: I do analytics at high scale in my day job.

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    Cloudflare recently launched their own analytics. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising, especially if you use their DNS and other services.


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    I'm currently integrated with firebase and therefore Google Analytics. Based on another thread on here I'm going to be moving away from firebase and I really like some of the more privacy focused suggestions on here.

    Think I'm going to try them for my micro service. Thanks for putting this thread together!


    singleuse.io - A 🔥 way to send passwords securely online

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    Matomo for "free" tracking of as many sites as I need in a secure and privacy safe way

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      Matomo is very cool, love their WordPress plugin

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    Well, ofc there is GA and Matomo.

    Always wanted to check out www.jentis.com and www.plausibl.io

    Seeing other very interesting names in this thread, will play around a bit with new tools soon...

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    I use Google Analytics on my blog because I set it up a decade ago and there wasn’t anything privacy focused yet. I’d love to switch to Fathom, Plausible, or Simple, but I don’t want to lose all of the old data. If anyone has recommendations I’d love to hear!

    On my SaaS I’m using Ahoy. It’s a self-hosted platform in Ruby that I’m only running on the server. No JavaScript and no tracking, just page view counts, custom events, and landing page UTMs are stored.

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    I used Google Analytics in the past, but switched to Simple Analytics because of privacy, which is a great product.

    After a while I decided to make Symmetrics (https://getsymmetrics.com) to solve some of the more core developer needs I had, that neither GA or SA solved.

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    • Heap for having custom Analytics charts. Very flexible and useful for having quantitative data. There's a free tier with 3 months data retention
    • Hotjar. There's also a free tier and it's really useful to have more qualitative data, for example by using session replay to find what users are doing or what they don't understand. They also offer heatmaps, feedback widgets, etc...
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    I use Hotjar to track visitor's movement. There's a freemium version where you can capture a fair amount of data. I wrote a post about it yesterday :)

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    Stormly makes it possible to turn your data into Insights with a single click
    PAll yu have to do is pick your Template to get actionable insights instantly, with the use of AI. No code, no data team required, no hours of manual work.

    For example, you can discover your product's aha- moment with a single click.
    See why it's not possible with Amplitude: https://www.stormly.com/blog/aha-moment-analytics-amplitude-vs-stormly

    We offer a free 30 day trial on the simple plans, like a starter pack (3 Templates) from 199$/month.

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    Created my own and its free for one month for others.

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    For my product, ruttl.com, I have been using Google Analytics only and it's been very insightful.

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    I'm not sure as of yet what to use but I'm against GA. Especially if you're making something for tech savvy people.

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      Can you please explain why privacy-focused solution is important for you? I will be happy to be educated but I just don't understand the ROI.

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        Because google resells your visitor's info to marketing companies and privacy is of the utmost concern to many people, including me.
        Sorry for the late answer, I was on vacation.

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    Google analytics and HotJar

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