Who are the big players in your niche?


We all have a startup or a product and we all have big players in our niche. Big players that dominate the market.

Just to get an idea what Indie Hackers are fighting against in their daily battles, I was wondering who you are up against.

It's not easy for solo founders, but we do it, because we follow our dreams, even if it's crazy.

So anyway here it goes, to keep it simple:

  • Your company name - URL

Big players

  • Big Player #1
  • Big Player #2
  • Big Player etc etc

For example I am in the email service space, so:

Big Players:

  1. 1

    Big Players:

    Two big players, but not for the same reasons.

  2. 1

    We're in the e-commerce/search space:

    Biggest players:

    • Amazon
    • Google shopping

    We have our work cut out for us 😉

  3. 1

    My Digital Office - https://www.mydigitaloffice.io/

    Big Players:

    Player 1 - Company acquired by PE firm in August for 10 mill. Currently restricting plans per minute of use. If you Google search, they will probably be the top result. Great SEO because they have been at it for 10 years :)

    Player 2 - Pivoted to focus on online event spaces. Increased prices on their virtual office space. Depending on your region, and if you search for virtual events, it may be on the top of Google.

    Player 3 - YC backed (2019) virtual office tool, that is not actually a virtual office at all. You probably know of them if you follow tech news. Their name starts with a T! Due to their clever scheme of calling themselves, 'A virtual office' they appear in some Google searches with Player 1.

    1. 1

      Not really familiar with the niche, don’t know the players ... not sure if I will find the exact same vendors as the one you are describing

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